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Serato Sample DAW plugin

Serato Sample Beta DAW Plugin Launched

The Serato Sample DAW plugin using technologies such as Pitch 'n Time known to users of Serato DJ to allow producers to manipulate samples beyond recognition.

Denon DJ Prime Series VS Pioneer DJ: A Status Update

If you are a DjTechZone reader you know I have been following the developments around Denon DJ's new Prime Series very closely. Now, almost...
djay Pro for Windows

Algoriddim Releases djay Pro For Windows!

Price: USD 49.99 Manufacturer: Algoriddim More Info: djay Pro for Windows Today Algoriddim released their first ever piece of DJ software for the Windows platform,...
Serato DJ 50 pct off sale

Serato DJ Sale: 50 Pct Off, One Week Only!

if you are thinking of buying Serato DJ, this might be the good week. Serato is currently running a 1-week promo and the Serato...

DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s Go For Denon DJ Prime Gear!

In a stunning revelation, the entire top DJ Mag Top 100 is switching to Denon DJ Prime gear as from the first of May....

Our DJ Gear & Software Guides

Mixars Primo Versus Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR, Which One Is The Best?

Mixars Primo versus Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR: which one is superior? We try to answer that in this post, looking at both units features by...
Best 4 Channel DJ Mixer

Best Professional 4 Channel DJ Club Mixer 2017

We look at a few mixers from Denon DJ, Pioneer Dj and Allen & Heath to find out what the best professional DJ channel club mixer is.
Best 4 channel entry level mixer

Best Entry Level 4 Channel DJ Club Mixer 2017

Last updated on  DJ Mixers come in all shapes and types, but the most popular format has to be the 4 channel, 12 inch one....
Serato DJ versus Rekordbox DJ

Which DJ Software Package Is The Best: Rekordbox DJ Or Serato DJ?

If you are a new DJ and wondering what software/hardware to go for, we got you covered here on DjTechZone. You can check out...
Best IOS DJ Controller 2017

What Is The Best IOS DJ Controller 2017

Last updated on  IOS and Android compatible DJ controllers have been around for a while now, and are more and more maturing into professional DJ...

Gear Reviews

Roland DJ-808

Roland DJ-808 Serato DJ Controller And Sequencer Review And Video

When I received my review unit in the mail, the first thing that surprised me was how light the DJ-808 is. Usually, top of the line DJ controllers are quite heavy, a testament to all the advanced technology they usually carry.
Numark Mixtrack Platinum

Numark Mixtrack Platinum Serato DJ Controller Review And Video

I must confess I was really excited with the Platinum when it came out. I already liked the Mixtrack Pro 3, but the added gain knobs and above all the LCD screens in the center of each jog wheel really spoke to me as a DJ.
Pioneer DJ XDJ-700

Pioneer DJ XDJ-700 Rekordbox Media Player Review And Video

Pioneer DJ XDJ-700 at a glance Pioneer Pro DJ XDJ-700 The XDJ-700 is an excellent introduction into the XDJ/CDJ world. Rating: Price: Approx USD 650 First impressions The Pioneer DJ XDJ-700 is...
Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Rekordbox DJ Controller Review And Video

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB At a glance Excellent value for money, considering the included Rekordbox DJ license. Fully featured, entry level controller that looks the part. Rating: Price:...
Pioneer DDJ-RX top view

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RX Rekordbox DJ Controller Review And Video

  Pioneer DJ DDJ-RX at a glance Pioneer DJ DDJ-RX The Pioneer DJ DDJ-RX brings all the good stuff from the DDJ-SX2 and enhances it with extra...

Features & Editorials

Chris Liebing gear overview

Superstar DJs And Their DJ Gear: Chris Liebing Part 2

Last year I did a piece in our Superstar DJ's and their gear series featuring German techno DJ Chris Liebing. Last week, Native Instruments put...

Denon DJ Prime Series Update: The Battle For The DJ’s

Last week, two Very Important DJ's jumped ship and moved from Pioneer DJ to Denon DJ gear: Laidback Luke and Paul Oakenfold. Both are extremely...
The late Ruth Flowers a.k.a. Mamy Rock

Am I Too Old To DJ?

I'm over 40 and I started to DJ when I was in my early 30's. Nothing wrong with it, and I never felt that this was too old, or that I was too old to DJ.
What will Pioneer DJ's next move be?

Denon DJ VS Pioneer DJ: the battle of the media player!

2017 started with a bang, and Denon DJ has unleashed their newest media player on the world: the SC5000 Prime. There is also a new...
DJ Craze performing live

Superstar DJs and Their DJ Gear: DJ Craze

Back in a time when computers were only starting to push through to the mainstream and using them for djing was not even a...
Numark NS6II side view

Numark NS6II Serato DJ DJ Controller Quick Overview

The Numark NS6II combines many things of recent Numark/Denon DJ controllers (the jog wheels with...
Denon DJ SC5000 Prime

Denon DJ SC5000 Quick Overview

The Denon DJ SC5000 is a true multimedia player, accepting USB media and SD cards....
Traktor Kontrol S8

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8 Quick Review

The Traktor Kontrol S8 made a lot of noise when it came out in 2014,...
Reloop Mixon 4

Reloop Mixon 4 Quick Overview

Reloop launches the Mixon 4, a 4 channel controller designed for Serato DJ and Algoriddim...
Denon DJ MC7000 top view

Denon DJ MC7000 Quick Overview

Denon DJ is on a roll. After the MCX8000 now they come with a smaller...
Plan your DJ backup plan carefully!

How To Prepare For DJ Gear Malfunction: A Backup Plan For DJs

We all have been there. You are rocking away behind the decks, and suddenly, no...

Creating And Sharing A Demo Mix On Youtube

In an effort to give you more insight and understanding of the DJ hardware I review...
Using The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ With Rekordbox DJ

Using the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ With Rekordbox DJ

Last updated on  Update February 2017: What is valid for the Pioneer DDJ-SZ, is certainly valid for...
Good DJ Habits

Good Djing Habits

In this post I would like to explore a number of good DJing habits productive and ambitious...
Basic DJ Techniques 101: Beatmatching

Basic DJ Techniques 101: Beatmatching

In the early days of DJing, beatmatching was an essential skill for any DJ. There...
Musikmesse 2017 in pictures

Musikmesse 2017: A Few Pictures To Ease The Pain

By now you heard that the DJ part of Musikmesse 2017 (DJCon) was a very...
Denon DJ Prime Series @ DJCon

Musikmesse 2017: A 2-Minute Tour Of DJCon

Musikmesse 2017 is a big no-show for DJ gear manufacturers. Still we tried to make the best of it and have a short compilation video with what on display.
Reloop Mixon 4 Namm 2017

NAMM 2017: Reloop Mixon 4 DJ Controller Video Overview

I have been trying to get a review unit for a while (after some good...
Gemini MDJ range

Namm 2017: Gemini New Media Players MDJ-500, MDJ-600 And MDJ-900

Unfortunately, these came in only on Sunday at Namm 2017 so we couldn't check them...

Namm 2017: Final Wrap Up And Thoughts

So Namm 2017 is over, and while some might argue that there was not much...