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After looking at the best entry level 4 channel DJ club mixers, we look in this feature at professional 4 channel DJ club mixers. 4 channel mixers are the most popular for club use, and chances are that if you are club DJ you will run into different types & models during your DJ career. Of course, chances are you are going to see a lot of Pioneer DJ DJM models, but, Allen & Heath and Denon DJ are also out there as well as many others. You will notice the absence of Rane, but fear not Rane fans, I will update this article soon with a selection of Rane mixers.

If you are a professional DJ, investing into a professional grade mixer for your home setup is always a good move. These will not only give you a similar experience as the one you have in clubs, professional grade DJ mixers have the sound quality, build quality and connectivity options to serve as a central hub in your DJ setup.

TOP PICKS in this article

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2

Allen & Heath Xone:PX5

Allen & Heat Xone:PX5

Denon DJ X1800 Prime

Denon DJ X1800 Prime Series

Top Pick! Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2

Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2
Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2

The Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 is the top mixer in the Pioneer DJM range and the de facto “industry standard”. Most big club DJ booths have them (or the predecessor DJM-900 Nexus) and it’s what top DJ’s play on at festivals. But is it any good? It definitely is, and Pioneer DJ has made sure that they improved significantly over the previous model. The sound and build quality are excellent, and it’s full of little things that make the life of a DJ easier. For example, the “clip display” is designed to be idiot proof: it will flash a red light when you drive the channel volume way to hard up, so no more excuse to go in the red. Each channel also has a beat FX led indicator, so you can instantly see on which channel the beat fx is active. Finally, the beat fx can be set to impact high, medium or low frequencies separately. There are much more things that justify the USD 2.200 price tag, such as the 2 USB sound cards with individual USB ports, the sound color FX, the FX send & return module. Ultimately, this is the best that Pioneer DJ has to offer mixer wise, and it shows.

There are much more things that justify the USD 2.200 price tag, such as the 2 USB sound cards with individual USB ports, the sound color FX, the FX send & return module. Ultimately, this is the best that Pioneer DJ has to offer mixer wise, and it shows.

Up Outstanding build & sound quality, endless FX options with the different FX modules (sound color, send & return, beat FX…), professional grade inputs & outputs…
Down The price. At USD 2.200, it’s not for everyone.
FOR Professional users. Including this in your home setup is a pricey affair, but if you are about to equip your top of the line club, the DJM-900NXS2 is the most rational choice.


Allen & Heath Xone:92

Allen & Heat Xone:92
Allen & Heat Xone:92

The Xone:92 is a reference, simply put. With its 6 channel design, 2 VCF filter system, 4 band EQ on each channel, MIDI capabilities, FX send & return and so much more other things it’s a beloved solution for complex DJ setups, that demand extensive connectivity.

The key selling points, and ultimately what made the Xone:92 so beloved, is the quality of the EQ section and the double VCF filter. The VCF filters each be activated independently on each channel, allowing for complex manipulation of sounds. This is a fully analog mixer, so don’t expect an FX section on it, you will need an external FX box for effects.

Up Very reasonable price for what you get, namely, legendary build and sound quality, one of the best filter & EQ sections on the market, and 6 channels to work with.
Down There are more modern and “all round” alternatives for the price, but if you buy this for the right reasons, you don’t care.
FOR Dj’s that like to get very creative with sound modulation and want the absolute best in EQ and Filters that the market can offer.


Pioneer DJ DJM-850

Pioneer DJ DJM-850
Pioneer DJ DJM-850

The Pioneer DJ DJM-850 is the worthy successor of the DJM-800, and helped bring the DJM line to the digital age. With a 4 channel sound card and Traktor Scratch compatibility, the mixer can be effectively used as a DJ controller with Traktor, and that’s a big plus that has, on its own, a considerable amount of onboard features to please the non-software DJ.

The DJM-850 came out in 2012 but has stood the test of time and still feels like a modern mixer today. Featuring the familiar Pioneer DJ DJM layout, the DJM-850 has built-in color effects, a color effect knob per channel, 4 channels, send & return for external effects, fx section with high-quality studio effects, a metal chassis, and overall feeling of high, professional quality.

The DJM-850 will still set you back around USD 1.500, but for that price, you do get a fully featured professional mixer from Pioneer DJ. Pioneer DJ doesn’t build boutique gear like Rane and Allen & Heat, but they consistently deliver and their products, especially their mixers, are known for standing the test of time…and abuse.

Up Complete club mixer with Traktor compatible sound card, pro fx section, color effects, send  & return entries, pro build quality.
Down Competitors offer similarly featured 4 channels mixers (Reloop RMX-90 DVS) for (much) less
FOR Dj’s that want a pro Pioneer DJ mixer, that is comparable to the top of the line DJM mixers for a manageable price.


TOP PICK! Allen & Heat Xone:PX5

Allen & Heat Xone:PX5
Allen & Heat Xone:PX5

I have a full and detailed review coming up of the Xone:PX5. For now, I can say that this mixer truly delivers and it’s a really good blend between analog and digital. The sound is fantastic, the filter, even though it’s just one, sound warm is can be customized in pretty much any way you want and the EQ section is top of its class.

The digital effects are well chosen and all fit the spirit of the mixer: subtle but precise modulation and manipulation of sounds. The FX send & return allows expanding on the onboard effects for even more flexibility. Finally, the PX5 is Traktor Scratch certified so will work as a digital audio interface for DVS purposes.

Up Interface and layout are easy to understand and use. High-quality overall build & components. Outstanding sound quality. Filter & EQ sections ar best in class. Reasonably priced.
Down The single filter might upset A&H enthusiasts.
FOR DJ’s that want best in class sound and effects/filter/EQ that allow them to build intricate soundscapes.


TOP PICK! Denon DJ X1800 Prime Series

Denon DJ X1800 Prime Series
Denon DJ X1800 Prime Series

The Denon DJ X1800 is designed from the ground up to complement the revolutionary SC5000 media player. It’s fully featured 4 channel mixer with sweep FX (similar to Pioneer DJ’s color effects) with a dedicated knob per channel. The filter knob is, unlike on Pioneer DJ mixers, separated so you can actually combine filter and sweep fx together or use them independently. This mixer also has bpm FX section with a touch strip for instant touch & release effect manipulation.

On the back, you will find all the usual inputs & outputs but also a dedicated 4 port LAN hub. This allows linking up to 4 SC5000’s to the mixer.

Price wise this mixer is expensive at approximately USD 2000, but it’s still is cheaper than a very comparable Pioneer DJ DJM-900NX2.

Up Innovative approach to effects with the touch strip and the sweep FX with dedicated per channel knob. Excellent connectivity with the 4 port LAN hub. Pristine sound quality and build.
Down Can’t really come up with anything
FOR If you are going with Denon DJ, then you need this. It does make only really sense when combined with the SC5000 player, as the integration between the mixer and the player is quite deep.


Allen & Heath Xone:DB4

Allen & Heath Xone:DB4
Allen & Heath Xone:DB4

The Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 is another brilliant piece of kit and not for everyone. The DB4 is extremely configurable and customizable to your own taste, with unique features such as a per channel input matrix, meaning you can set any channel to any available input port, and a per channel loop encoder, allowing to catch loops on the fly. The FX and Filter engines are out of this world and again, have an infinite amount of possible combinations to make it sound exactly like you want.

Overall, the Xone:DB4 is a mixer for the serious and creative artist, that want to create their own, multi-layered sound using, EQing, filters, and FX to tell a story. In that sense, the DB4 will please techno, minimal house, tech house DJs and producers that want to play & re-arrange their music live. With extensive MIDI capabilities and a Serato certified soundcard, the DB4 is designed to sit at the center of a system that connects & syncs through MIDI.

At USD 2000, the Xone:DB4 isn’t cheap, but you do get a top notch piece of equipment in exchange.

Up Fantastic sound, excellent build quality & sound quality, extreme configuration & customization possibilities for filters & FX.
Down Pricey.
FOR DJ’s that want the very best sound and capabilities when it comes to FX, EQing, and Filters.