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Buying a new battle mixer that can handle Serato DJ/Traktor/Rekordbox DJ DVS systems can be a costly decision as they aren’t really cheap. Still, if you are serious about your craft, there is really no good alternative to a good battle mixer when it comes to serious Djing. Of course, you can go with a classic two-channel mixer that doesn’t support any software, but then you are missing out on all the advantages of DVS.

The mixers we discuss below all have, at a minimum:

  • Good quality faders (Innofader or better)
  • Battle friendly design (enough space between the faders and the other controls)
  • Software support for one of the established DVS software packages
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So, without further delay, let’s dive in!

Top Pick!

Traktor Kontrol Z2

Traktor Kontrol Z2
Traktor Kontrol Z2


The Traktor Kontrol Z2 is basically the most affordable battle mixer that supports DVS software on the market today. It’s already over 5 years old but still holds its ground rather well.

The Z2 is, of course, a two-channel mixer that works natively with Traktor, and only with Traktor, at least out of the box. It’s designed to work as a standalone mixer with turntables or media players as well, but then you are missing out on all the extras such as effects, as these only work with Traktor Pro connected.

The mixer has a series onboard controls for the Traktor Pro software, most notably 2X 4 high-quality performance pads that can be used for Remix decks, or to access Traktor Pro’s hot cues. Additionally, they control the flux mode which is comparable to Serato’s loop roll.

I like the loop encoder and loop size LCD screen, it’s very handy to identify the selected loop size and avoid surprises when engaging a loop in a rush.

The Z2 gives access to Traktor Pro’s effects, including Traktor’s Macro FX.

On the back, the Z2 has XLR, TRS (for booth out) and RCA outputs. There are also inputs for each channel, both for line and phono.

Fader wise, the Z2 is fitted with Innofaders for all faders, ensuring smooth and precise operation.

  • Very competitively priced (around 700 USD)
  • Good control of all Traktor Pro features
  • Solid build
  • High-quality sound
  • All faders are Innofaders
  • Traktor only mixer, no support for other software


Top Pick!

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9

Pioneer DJ DJM-S9
Pioneer DJ DJM-S9


The Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 is extremely well featured and has everything on board to control Serato DJ. It is also quite pricey, but more on that later.

The mixer looks a bit complex on first sight. It looks like a good part of a Serato DJ controller was squeezed on the mixer’s faceplate. There are the classic controls you can expect on any battle mixer: the 3 band EQ, filter, and smooth, high-quality faders and crossfaders. The crossfader is Magvel Pro fader with feeling and curve adjust, so if you cannot get your cuts right on this one, you probably won’t be able to get them right on any mixer.

The S9 is equipped with 8 performance pads per channel, controlling all performance features of Serato DJ: hot cues, slicer, and samples, plus additional features hidden under the shift button. The big attraction of this mixer is the effects. The S9 has 6 built-in effects: echo, backspin, reverb, flanger, phaser, and vinyl break. Besides that, the S9 can control up to 6 Serato DJ effects at the time. The effects are activated with a super handy paddle. If you ever used this, you know how efficient it is to activate effects.

Lastly, the S9 has a complete looping section onboard. On the back, all the expected connections are available, such as master out in RCA and XLR, and booth out in TRS. Of course, there are double inputs for both channels.

  • Complete Serato DJ mixer
  • Solid build quality
  • Full control over Serato DJ performance & effects features
  • Excellent crossfader.
  • Expensive, especially if you don’t need all the features


Top Pick!

Rane Seventy Two

Rane Seventy Two
Rane Seventy Two


The Rane Seventy two is a brand new, two-channel battle mixer with full support for Serato DJ and a high-resolution screen that can display Serato DJ waveforms and other mixer data.

The Seventy Two has a new type of fader, the MAG THREE fader, fitter for both channel faders and the crossfader. Rane promises smooth, precise operation like never before, which I’m sure experienced DJ’s will put through the test once they get the chance.

There is, of course, the beautiful touch screen, but there is more. Each channel has a FlexFX module to fire off integrated effects, plus chain-integrated Serato DJ effects control. There are pads to launch effects much like the DJM-S9.

Finally, the Seventy Two has 8 performance pads per channel, unlocking all the performance functions of Serato DJ.

On the back, the Seventy Two is almost identical to the TTM57mkII.

  • Absolutely filled with functionality
  • Rane build quality
  • High-resolution touchscreen
  • Considering the features, reasonably priced
  • None, really


Mixars Duo MKII

Mixars Duo MKII
Mixars Duo MKII


The Mixars Duo MKII is a compact and cost-effective solution, or even alternative to the much more expensive Rane and Pioneer DJ offers.

After a widely discussed feud with Innofader a few months ago, Mixars switch to Pro X Fade for their faders and the Mixars DUO MKII is fitted with the Galileo essential fader.

Apart from the Duo has 4 performance pads per deck that can switch between sample & hot cues, the ability to control 1 Serato DJ effect per channel at the time, a looping encoder and, of course, a 3 band EQ with a filter per channel.

On the back the Duo has all the expected outputs: XLR and RCA master out, TRS booth out, and double line inputs. On the front, there are the MIC and AUX inputs, and the crossfader curve controls, with a noteworthy Cut-in curve adjustment, to determine how far from the borders the crossfader needs to let sound through.

  • Very affordable
  • Solid build
  • Good sound quality
  • Decent amount of control over Serato DJ
  • No onboard effects
  • Many essential performance features in Serato DJ not controllable from the mixer


Rane TTM57mkII

Rane TTM57mkII
Rane TTM57mkII


The Rane TTM57mkII is a solid chunk of a battle mixer and a favorite amongst many famous scratch DJ’s.

First of all, it’s built like a tank. Secondly, Rane’s in-house magnetic non-contact faders and crossfaders are fast, smooth and accurate. It also has double USB inputs onboard to connect 2 computers simultaneously. The mixer is also equipped with send & return for their FlexFX effects module.

Finally, the Rane TTM57mkII is fully equipped to control Serato DJ’s key functions, you can control loops, effects, cues, and samples directly from the mixer.

On the back, the TTM57mkII has all the expected inputs and outputs, including XL master out, TRS booth out and line/phono inputs for both channels.

  • Built like a tank
  • Fantastic magnetic faders
  • Excellent sound
  • Full control over Serato DJ
  • The Rane 72 puts it in the shadow feature wise


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