About DjTechZone.com

Serato Face :-)
Serato Face πŸ™‚

DjTechZone is my outlet to write about all things DJ, and together with the DjTechZone Youtube ChannelΒ it’s a growing repository of DJ related news, DJ gear reviews, tutorials and much more.

The site was founded back in 2014 and since then I have been working as much as time allows (I have a family and a day job) in creating DJ related content. My objective is in the first place to be a one stop shop for everyone interested in DJing, and offer people information and guidance on how to get started, buy their next piece of gear, fine tune their technique or simply connect and share their experiences with other DJs.

During the last few weeks (summer 2016) I have been improving the site on various levels, from SEO optimisations to much more logical categorisation to make the user experience better.

If you like my site, let me know, same if you have suggestions on how to improve it. I welcome all input, positive or negative, as long as it is constructive πŸ™‚

Rodrigo Costa
Summer 2016