Latest DJ Controller Entries

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2 Quick Overview

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2 is a very decent upgrade of the original DDJ-SZ controller. Most of the features are the same as the original unit,with some added controls for...
Numark NVII

Numark NVII Serato DJ Controller Quick Overview

The Numark NVII is fantastic and compact DJ controller for Serato DJ. The built-in screens allow you to focus on your performance and the unit has professional grade features.  BACK...
Denon DJ MC4000

Denon DJ MC4000 Serato Controller Quick Overview

The Denon DJ MC4000 is a solid piece of DJ gear, with enough features to interest mobile DJ's on a budget. It even has TRS booth and XLR master...
Reloop Mixon 4

Reloop Mixon 4 Serato DJ And IOS DJ Controller Review And Video

The Reloop Mixon 4 is 4 channel mixer for Serato DJ with dock for an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, supporting Algoriddim's djay Pro on IOS and Android.
Numark NS6II

Numark NS6II Serato DJ DJ Controller Quick Overview

The Numark NS6II combines many things of recent Numark/Denon DJ controllers (the jog wheels with center LCD screens from the Mixtrack Platinum, the touch-capacitive knobs from the NSVII and...
Roland DJ-808

Roland DJ-808 Serato DJ Controller And Sequencer Review And Video

When I received my review unit in the mail, the first thing that surprised me was how light the DJ-808 is. Usually, top of the line DJ controllers are quite heavy, a testament to all the advanced technology they usually carry.
Numark Mixtrack Platinum

Numark Mixtrack Platinum Serato DJ Controller Review And Video

I must confess I was really excited with the Platinum when it came out. I already liked the Mixtrack Pro 3, but the added gain knobs and above all the LCD screens in the center of each jog wheel really spoke to me as a DJ.
Traktor Kontrol S8

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S8 Quick Review

The Traktor Kontrol S8 made a lot of noise when it came out in 2014, almost 2 years ago. The lack of jogwheels, the build in screens, the 4...
Reloop Mixon 4

Reloop Mixon 4 Quick Overview

Reloop launches the Mixon 4, a 4 channel controller designed for Serato DJ and Algoriddim djay. It supports Serato DJ on Mac and PC, and Algoriddim djay or djay...
Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Rekordbox DJ Controller Review And Video

he DDJ-RB, being an entry-level controller, has a full plastic body. Still, the build quality is solid and everything seems to be attached well. The dimensions are the same as the DDJ-SB2, so if you own an SB2 case it will fit.
Denon DJ MC7000 top view

Denon DJ MC7000 Quick Overview

Denon DJ is on a roll. After the MCX8000 now they come with a smaller version without screens: the MC7000. Smaller, no screens, but the MC7000 has a few...
Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4

Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4 Quick Review

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4 is already the 4th generation of the WeGO entry-level series. It supports IOS djing with Algoriddim djay and the news Pioneer DJ WeDJ app. It...
Roland DJ-808

Roland DJ-808 Quick Overview

The Roland DJ-808 is the first DJ controller from Roland. It features a professional Serato DJ 4 channel controller, sequencer and drum machine in 1. It also features a...
Denon dJ MC6000 MK2

Denon DJ MC6000 MK2 Quick Review

The Denon DJ MC6000 MK2 is a 4 channel Serato DJ controller that will please all sorts of DJs but is mostly geared towards the working mobile DJ. The...
Numark Mixtrack Platinum

Numark Mixtrack Platinum Quick Overview

The Numark Mixtrack Platinum is a 2 channel (but 4 channel capable) Serato DJ controller with led displays in each jogwheels that show track progression, BPM, track length and...
Reloop Beatpad 2

Reloop Beatpad 2 DJ Controller Quick Review

The Reloop Beatpad 2 is a fully features controller for Algoriddim djay application for IOS, Android and Mac. It has large jogwheels, rgb performance pads and good connectivity on...
Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX Quick Review

A real top of the line DJ controller, the DDJ-RZX is jam packed with features. The 3 high-resolution screens support video and are the best we have seen. The...
Gemini G2V

Gemini G2V DJ Controller Quick Review

The Gemini G2V is a budget DJ controller for Virtual DJ. It comes with VDJ LE, has aux in and balanced XLR booth out, 8 performance pads per deck,...
Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 Quick Review

The Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S2 MK2 is the successor of the already great Kontrol S2. The jogwheels have been upgraded, the controller supports Traktor IOS DJ natively and...
Numark Mixtrack Pro 3

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Quick Review

The Mixtrack Pro 3 is a budget controller, but one with full-sized pitch fader (very rare at this price range), 3 band EQ and filter, pads to control different...

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