Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S5 Quick Review

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S5
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The Native Instruments Kontrol S5 is the smaller brother of the Kontrol S8 and lacks the hardware mixer, DVS capacity and the per channel line faders of the S8. But it’s more compact and makes up for the lack of said channel line faders in a smart way.


*Price Ranges in USD: 300:$  300-500:$$  500-1000:$$$  1000-2000:$$$$  2000+:$$$$$

If you glance at it briefly you might think it’s the Kontrol S8, but this is the Kontrol S5, the smaller brother. The S5 has 4 channels but lacks the hardware mixer. The screens are the same as the S8, but the decks also lack the 4 dedicated faders to control Stems and Remix Decks.

All that being said, the S5 offers extensive control over Traktor Pro. The lack of jog wheels and pitch faders is something you need to learn to live with, but once you adjust to it, it actually works pretty well. The touch strips are handy for track searching and can even be used for scratching.

  • Compact form factor
  • No need to look at your laptop with those high res screens
  • Plenty of ins & outs for excellent connectivity
  • Less focus on Stems & Remix Decks than on Kontrol S8, so usable for different type of DJs
  • Lack of jog wheels can be an issue for many DJs
  • The lack of a hardware mixer is questionable on a USD 800 piece of gear
  • A very SYNC focussed workflow

Features & Specifications

  • Portable 4-Deck Traktor Controller with Stems controls and Remix Decks
  • 2 brilliant colour displays shows you whats important and Pop-Up Panels
  • Touch sensitive knobs and buttons for intuitive control
  • Touch-Strips offer tactile control over Track position, pitch bend
  • Fast access to track BPM and Style as well as Filters and Effects
  • 2 adjustable effect units with more than 30 premium studio effects
  • 16 Multi-Color-Pads to trigger Samples, Cue-Points and Slices
  • Easily accessible Remix Mode for fast, intuitive Remix Deck control
  • Integrated audio interface with excellent 24-bit/48kHz quality
  • AUX-Input with preamp
  • Separate Lin input to connect microphones or external hardware
  • XLR/RCA-Master and ¼” Booth outputs
  • Including: S5 hardware controller with built-in audio interface, TRAKTOR PRO 2 software with Stem Decks, USB cable, power supply, overview poster




*Price Ranges in USD: 300:$  300-500:$$  500-1000:$$$  1000-2000:$$$$  2000+:$$$$$