Reloop launches the Mixon 4, a 4 channel controller designed for Serato DJ and Algoriddim djay. It supports Serato DJ on Mac and PC, and Algoriddim djay or djay Pro on Mac, IOS, and Android devices. It has extensive hardware controls for FX and pitch manipulation, 4 channels, large jog wheels and a good amount of ins & outs.


*Price Ranges in USD: 300:$  300-500:$$  500-1000:$$$  1000-2000:$$$$  2000+:$$$$$

The Reloop Mixon 4 is a very versatile DJ controller, supporting 4 decks in Serato DJ but also supporting IOS and Android devices. The integrated dock can accommodate even a 12 inch iPad Pro!

The Mixon 4 has all the controls for Serato DJ that we have come to expect, such as 8 performance pads per channel, support for Pitch ‘N Time and buttons to sync the key of loaded tracks.

A minus point is the fact that despite its 4 channels, the mixer is software dependent, so it’s not possible to connect external media players or turntables.

  • Big jog wheels, in good Reloop tradition
  • Support for IOS, Mac, and PC
  • Hardware controls for harmonic mixing and combo FX
  • The price is very reasonable
  • 4 channels but no hardware mixer is a bit of a shame. It means that connecting turntables or CDJs is not possible

Features & Specifications

  • Multi-Platform support for iOS/Android/PC/Mac
  • First, integrated docking station that holds up to an iPad PRO (12,9”)
  • Plug’n’Play: Simply connect your Laptop, iOS or Android device and start mixing your music files or Spotify*** tracks in the cloud
  • Large 30 x 30 mm Drum Pads with multi-colored backlit LEDs and velocity sensitive technology
  • 8 color-coded performance modes including brand-new Pitch Play*:
  • SLICER performance modes for cutting and mashing up your tracks
  • Up to eight HOT CUES and CUE LOOPS can be triggered on each deck
  • Access and fire up to eight saved LOOPS and LOOP Rolls
  • Mighty SP-6 sample bank control with dedicated volume
  • Serato FLIP** control for recording Hot Cue remixes and re-looping them live
  • SLIP mode for creative live remixing
  • Dedicated Sound Colour filter (LPF/HPF) on each channel
  • Unique Macro FX Mode: Combine any effect with filters on each channel
  • Dedicated LOOP Control Section with Length Indication LED-Bar
  • Ultra flat XXL (155 mm) Aluminum Jog Wheels with 2-part Touch-Sensitive technology
  • Visual feedback on Jog Wheels through LED illumination for Virtual Needle position & Track Time Elapsed
  • Harmonic mixing with KEY SYNC*, KEY SHIFT* and Pitch Play*
  • Hi-Res 14-bit pitch fader with range and Key Lock control




*Price Ranges in USD: 300:$  300-500:$$  500-1000:$$$  1000-2000:$$$$  2000+:$$$$$