Roland DJ-808 Quick Overview

Roland DJ-808
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The Roland DJ-808 is the first DJ controller from Roland. It features a professional Serato DJ 4 channel controller, sequencer and drum machine in 1. It also features a voice transformer, making it a total music production/DJ rig/performance solution.


*Price Ranges in USD: 300:$  300-500:$$  500-1000:$$$  1000-2000:$$$$  2000+:$$$$$

The Roland DJ-808 is sitting on top of the Roland DJ controller line, next to the DJ-505 and the DJ-202. The 808 is fully loaded with a TR-S drum sequencer, complete with drum samples from the 606 all the way up to the 909.

It’s well built, has maybe the best DJ jog wheels on the market today and has a hardware mixer that supports Serato DVS. The mixer has built-in effects that work with external hardware like turntables and media players.

  • From what we have seen, those jog wheels are the best on the market
  • Having a drum machine, sequencer and voice transformer in a DJ controller is a first, and the creative possibilities it opens up are amazing
  • The green color scheme is uber cool
  • It costs USD 1.500, but then again, sequencer, drum machine…. argh!

Features & Specifications

  • Built-in Roland TR drum machine with 606, 707, 808, 909 kicks, snares, claps, and hi-hats
  • Control the Serato Sampler with the TR-S sequencer
  • Built-in VT Voice Transformer with Pitch, Formant, Ducking and Serato key matching
  • Velocity sensitive RGB color pads for HOT CUE, ROLL, TR, SAMPLER and more
  • Large ultra-low-latency platters with integrated displays
  • 4 high-quality integrated Channel FX
  • Standalone professional 4 channel digital mixer
  • Connect external instruments via MIDI or AIRA Link USB and jam along with Serato DJ
  • 24bit/96kHz audio fidelity
  • Control two decks simultaneously with dual deck mode
  • 100mm pitch faders
  • Unlocks Serato DJ and comes with a Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ license
  • Connect turntables or CDJs with the purchase of a Serato DVS license




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*Price Ranges in USD: 300:$  300-500:$$  500-1000:$$$  1000-2000:$$$$  2000+:$$$$$