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CDJ-2000NXS2 compared to the X1800 Prime

Prime Series VS NXS2 System: DJM-900NXS2 And X1800 Prime Compared

A few days ago we looked at the Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2 versus the new Denon DJ SC5000 Prime media player. Today I want to dive...

Mixtrack Platinum VS DDJ-RB VS DJControl Jogvision: Which One Wins?

We have covered Serato DJ controllers extensively here on DjTechZone, but from your reactions on the site and on the Youtube channel, it's clear...
The Denon DJ SC5000 Prime compared to the Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2

Prime Series VS NXS2 System: SC5000 Prime And CDJ-2000NXS2 Compared

The Denon DJ's Prime Series recently became available, and with that, it's time to look a bit closer at both systems and see what...

What Is The Best DJ Headphone In 2017

DJ headphones come in many shapes & sizes, and reviewing all of them would take up too much time. However, DJ's have their favorites, and in this article, I would like to provide a digestible overview of what are considered to be the best DJ headphones out there.

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Best DJ controller for beginners

Best DJ Controllers For Beginners In 2017

In this article, we explore what we think are the best Dj controllers for beginners in 2017. What DJ controller could work for you?
Best all-in-one DJ systems

What Is The Best All-In-One DJ System 2017

Last updated on  In a world dominated by computer depended DJ controllers, we have a look at the best all in one DJ systems available on the market today. Usually, these...
Best professional DJ controller

Find Out What The Best Professional DJ Controller Is In 2017

Last updated on  What is the best professional DJ controller money can buy? In this article, I would like to explore a selection of high-end controllers available today in the...
Best mid range DJ controller

What Is The Best Mid-Range DJ Controller 2017

Last updated on  Scaling up from our look at DJ controllers for beginners, we focus in this feature on DJ controllers that cost between 300 and 900 US dollars. Yes,...
What is the best DJ controller for club use

What Is The Best DJ Controller For Club Use 2017

Last updated on  Taking your DJ Controller to a club or venue can be a daunting experience. There is this strange prejudice that bringing your DJ controller to a club...

Hardware News

Black Friday 2017

Black Friday DJ Gear And DJ Software Deals!

From today until Cyber Monday, you can do mad Black Friday Dj gear deals. Also, DJ software manufacturers also have some nice promotions going on. We have looked around and assembled a few interesting deals for you!
Denon DJ SC5000 Prime And Rekordbox

Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Reads Rekordbox USB Sticks!

We have talked a lot about the SC5000 Prime in the past and not the least about its impressive set of onboard features. With its multicore processor, it's much...
Pioneer DJ DM-40BT

Pioneer DJ Launches DM-40BT Studio Speakers With Bluetooth

Pioneer has updated their Pioneer DJ DJM-40 and added Bluetooth so that apart from using them as monitor speakers to DJ or to produce music, you can now simply connect your Bluetooth devices
Reloop RP-7000 MK2

Reloop Releases RP-7000 MK2 Professional Turntable

Reloop has launched the Reloop RP-7000 MK2, an update to the already excellent RP-7000. Overall, the build is sturdier with a reinforced housing compared to the original one.
Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 side view

Pioneer DJ Launches DJS-1000 Standalone Sampler Sequencer

As rumored last week, Pioneer DJ has released a more DJ friendly version of the Toraiz SP-16: the Pioneer DJ DJS-1000. There are a few differences feature-wise, the most important being the format.
Reloop TOUCH top view

Reloop Launches TOUCH, First Virtual DJ Controller With Touchscreen!

In a surprise move, Reloop has launched a new DJ controller with an integrated touchscreen, the Reloop TOUCH. The TOUCH is designed for Virtual DJ, and it supports full-screen video DJing as well.
Pioneer DJ DJS-1000 spotted!

New Pioneer DJ XDJ/Sampler Unit DJS-1000 Coming?

update 2: The DJS-1000 is out officially, check out the details here! update 1: A new picture has surfaced of the DJS-1000, showing more details of the unit's I/O, and features...
DJ software and DJ hardware issues with macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra DJ Software And Hardware Compatibility Overview

With the official launch of macOS 10.13, otherwise known as High Sierra upon us it's important to know the risks of upgrading your Mac to the new OS the...
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 gold version

Pioneer DJ Releases DDJ-SX2 In Pimpin Gold Version!

Price: USD 1.149 Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ More Info: Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 product page Availability: Now Pioneer DJ is into releasing limited editions of their gear these days, with the white CDJ-2000NXS2...
Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000 NXS2 and DJM-900 NXS2

Pioneer DJ Releases DJM-900NX2 And CDJ-2000NXS2 In White

Pioneer DJ Releases DJM-900NX2 And CDJ-2000NXS2 in white, and as a limited edition. The players are otherwise identical to their black counterparts.
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 Youtube videos

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2 Demo Videos Hit Youtube

If you are, like me, excited by the arrival of the Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2, then you are eagerly awaiting actual footage of the unit. Of course, this being DjTechZone, I...
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX2

Pioneer DJ Launches The XDJ-RX2 All-In-One DJ System

Pioneer DJ launches XDJ-RX2 All-In-One DJ system including a high-resolution touchscreen, support for Rekordbox DJ 5.0, and 8 performance pads per channel.
Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP1 top

Pioneer DJ Introduces DDJ-XP1 Controller For Rekordbox DJ

Price: USD 259 Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ More Info: Pioneer DJ XP-1 product page Availability: September 2017 If you just bought a Pioneer DJ DDJ-SP1, you might regret your decision since Pioneer DJ...
Native Instruments Maschine MK3

Native Instruments Launches Maschine MK3, With Audio Interface

Price: USD 599 Manufacturer: Native Instruments More Info: Native Instruments Maschine MK3 Availability: October 2017 Native Instruments has released the all new and much improved Maschine MK3 groove box and as with each...
Pioneer DJ DJM-S3

Pioneer DJ Launches DJM-S3 Serato DJ 2 Channel Mixer

Price: USD 499 Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ More Info: Pioneer DJ DJM-S3 product page Availability: September 2017 After the launch of the DDJ-SR2, Pioneer DJ also presented today the new DJM-S3 2 channel mixer,...
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2

Pioneer DJ Launches DDJ-SR2 Serato DJ Controller

Price: USD 699 Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ More Info: Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 product page Availability: September 2017 Pioneer DJ has launched an upgrade to the original DDJ-SR Serato DJ controller, the DDJ-SR2. While the...
Pioneer DJ HDJ-X series

Pioneer DJ Unveils HDJ-X10, HD-X7 And HDJ-X5 Headphones

Price: USD 339 (HDJ-X10), USD 199 (HDJ-X7) and USD 99 (HDJ-X5) Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ More Info: HDJ-X10, HDJ-X7, HDJ-X5 Availability: October 2017 Pioneer DJ has unveiled today a new line of...
Numark NTX1000

Numark NTX1000 Professional Turntable Is Now Available

Price: USD 399 Manufacturer: Numark More Info: Numark NTX1000 product page Availability: Now! The Numark NTX1000 is a professional turntable, with a very high start-up torque (4.0 kg), ensuring that the platter is...
Numark DJ2GO2

Numark DJ2GO2 Serato DJ Controller Launched

Numark just announced the DJ2GO2, an ultra compact and ultra cheap DJ controller for Serato DJ (although Serato Intro is included).
Rane Twelve.

Rane Twelve Turntable Controller Announced, And It Spins!

Price: USD 799 Manufacturer: Rane More Info: Rane twelve product page Availability: Q4 2017 As if the new Rane Seventy Two wasn't enough, Rane also released today a DJ controller with a motorized...