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Starting to DJ in 2017

Serato DJ, Rekordbox DJ And Traktor Pro Beginner DJ Controller Matchup

Last updated on  if you are wondering how to get started with DJing in 2017, then you have come to the right place. After years...
Serato DJ

Best Professional DJ Software 2016: Serato DJ

In our third and latest entry of our best professional DJ software 2016 series, we take an in-depth look at Serato DJ. If you...
Rekordbox DJ software

Best Professional DJ Software 2016: Rekordbox DJ

In our second entry in this series, we take a look at Rekordbox DJ. If you missed our first entry focusing on Traktor Pro,...

DJ Tutorials

Why DJ's use headphones explained

Why DJs Use Headphones When Mixing Explained

User Dj Fisch asked the following question on our Youtube channel: Hi, I am new in the business and I am wondering why DJs always listen shortly at their headphones. Can someone...
Plan your DJ backup plan carefully!

How To Prepare For DJ Gear Malfunction: A Backup Plan For DJs

We all have been there. You are rocking away behind the decks, and suddenly, no sound. It takes a few seconds to sink in, but the booing crowd pulls...
Creating and uploading a mix to youtube

Creating And Sharing A DJ Mix On Youtube

How to create, edit and post a DJ mix on Youtube and make sure it stays up? Find out how I did it and learn from my experience!
Using The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ With Rekordbox DJ

Using the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ With Rekordbox DJ

Last updated on  Update February 2017: What is valid for the Pioneer DDJ-SZ, is certainly valid for the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ2! The SZ2 is fully equipped to support the newest features...
What are good djing habits?

What Are Good Djing Habits?

In this post, I would like to explore a number of good DJing habits productive and ambitious DJs should have. It's easy to proclaim yourself a DJ, but achieving results only...
Basic dj techniques explained: beatmatching

DJ Techniques: Beatmatching Explained

In the early days of DJing, beatmatching was an essential skill for any DJ. There were no sync buttons, waveforms, bpm counters and phase meters to rely on, and...
New Years Eve DJ Gig

New Years Eve DJ Gig: My Learnings

This last New Year I accepted to do a New Years Eve DJ gig at a friends place, and I did pick up some good learnings that I would like to share...

DJ Software News

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 + DVS expansion.

Buy A Traktor Kontrol S4 And Get Free Control Vinyl

Lately, Native Instruments has been doing a lot of promos around their older gear. Usually, that means a stock clean up to make room for something new. But in...
Virtual DJ 8 now supports the Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000MK2 and the XDJ-RX!

Virtual DJ 8 Now Supports Pioneer DJ XDJ-1000MK2 And XDJ-RX

Price: depends on your license choice. USD 299 for the Pro license. Manufacturer: Atomix More Info: Virtual DJ homepage Virtual DJ 8 has been around for a while now,...
Pioneer DJ's Rekordbox DJ 5.0 Beta is out!

Pioneer DJ Rekordbox 5.0 Beta Is Here, And It’s Flat!

Pioneer DJ's Rekordbox 5.0 Beta is out, and the first evident change is the new, flat cleaner design. It's strikingly similar to Serato DJ, as shown in the comparison...
Denon Conversion Utility: from Rekordbox to Engine Prime

Convert between Rekordbox DJ and Engine Prime For MacOS

Price: USD 27,95 until July 1st 2017, after that USD 34,95. Manufacturer: ATGR Production Team More Info: Product page One of the biggest challenges in switching DJ software is the...
Denon DJ Engine Prime

Denon DJ Launches Engine Prime Music Management App!

After a long wait, Denon DJ finally launched their Engine Prime app for the SC5000 Prime media player and X18000 Prime mixer. First of all, it's important to point out...
Ableton learning music web app launched

Ableton “Learning Music” Web App Launched

If you are remotely interested in music production, you have at least heard from Ableton. Ableton is at the same time a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and a performance...
Serato Sample DAW plugin

Serato Sample Beta DAW Plugin Launched

The Serato Sample DAW plugin using technologies such as Pitch 'n Time known to users of Serato DJ to allow producers to manipulate samples beyond recognition.
djay Pro for Windows

Algoriddim Releases djay Pro For Windows!

Price: USD 49.99 Manufacturer: Algoriddim More Info: djay Pro for Windows Today Algoriddim released their first ever piece of DJ software for the Windows platform, djay Pro for Windows 10. Algoriddim...
Serato DJ 50 pct off sale

Serato DJ Sale: 50 Pct Off, One Week Only!

if you are thinking of buying Serato DJ, this might be the good week. Serato is currently running a 1-week promo and the Serato DJ price is slashed from...
djay Pro version 1.4.3

djay Pro for Mac Updated: Pioneer DJ NXS2/TOUR1 Support, Enhanced Touch Bar Integration

Price: € 49.99 / USD 49.99 Manufacturer: Algoriddim More Info: djay Pro for Mac product page djay Pro for Mac has been updated to version 1.4.3 with a host of...