Further expanding their Rekordbox DJ controller line, Pioneer DJ just announced the launch of two brand new controllers: THe DDJ-RR and DD-RB Rekordbox DJ controllers.

In numerous ways these are very interesting additions the Pioneer DJ family of DJ controllers. In the first place, contrary to the Rekordbox DJ upgrades that the DDJ-SZ and DDJ-SX2 received last year in the form of the DDJ-RZ and the DDJ-RX, the new controllers upgrade the feature set of the previous generation, apart from being designed for Rekordbox DJ instead of Serato DJ, considerably.

Lets dive a bit into the details.

Pioneer DDJ-RB

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB
Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB

The thing that stands out the most in comparison to the Pioneer DDJ-SB2 launched last year are the dedicated play & cue buttons and the dedicated loop section. This means that this controller, just like all other controllers in the DDJ range will have 8 pads dedicated to hot cues, slicer, fx, etc.

Secondly, those jogwheels look like a serious upgrade as well.

Intro video

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Other features

  • Controller layout mirrors rekordbox dj for native control: Mix instinctively with the jog wheels, play/cue buttons, mixer knobs and faders, gain pots, VU meter and dedicated loop buttons built to mirror the rekordbox dj layout.
  • PC Master Out – use computer’s speaker for master out and controller for headphones: For flexibility you can choose to hear your mix through your computer’s internal speaker/connected desktop speaker or play through a wireless speaker, while using your headphones to cue independently of the master out at the same time.
  • Performance Pads with Sequence Call for creative freedom: Create sample sequences then call them up without touching your computer thanks to the new Sequence Call button. Plus trigger Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump and Slicer with eight Performance Pads.
  • Other features
    • Built-in sound card – simply connect the DDJ-RB to your computer with a USB cable
    • Record to rekordbox dj via the same USB cable
    • USB powered – no AC power needed
    • High quality mic input – distortion-free even at loud volumes
    • Portable – easy grip handles and lightweight design

Pioneer DDJ-RR

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR
Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR

And then we have the Pioneer DDJ_RR. This upgrade has been long-awaited since the DDJ-SR never got a SR2 version. Now it becomes clear why. My first impressions is that the DDJ-SR is a true beast, and going through the features, it might be all a mobile DJ will ever need.

It has bigger jogwheels than the SR with a center led ring, it has XLR out, coloured pads, a needle search pad… It really looks like a mini DDJ-RX minus the additional channels.

Intro Video

Picture Gallery

Other Features

  • Layout looks and feels like a CDJ set-up: Adding to the controls of the DDJ-RB, the DDJ-RR features the following:
    • Large jog wheels with On-Jog Display – responsive feel for scratching, and customisable illuminating on-jog indicators to tell you the status of each deck (e.g. ‘on air’).
    • Customisable multicoloured Performance Pads – set colours for your Hot Cues in rekordbox then trigger with high quality rubber pads.
    • Dual VU level meter – see the master out and channel levels at all times.
    • Needle search pad – jump to any part of a track with one touch.
    • Brushed aluminium face plate
  • Dedicated controls for rekordbox dj features
    • Sequence Load – load a sample sequence onto a deck to scratch it and manipulate the sound as if it were a track.
    • Slip Mode – Slip Mode silently continues playback during a loop, reverse or scratch, then brings the music back at the right point afterwards.
    • Release FX – Exit complex FX patterns by selecting vinyl brake, echo or back spin and twisting the dial.
  • Multiple inputs and outputs for flexible connectivity: Connect to professional PA system using the balanced XLR outputs, and monitor your mix through the booth output. Use the DDJ-RR as a standalone 2-channel mixer with multiplayers or turntables, thanks to line and phono inputs.
  • High quality audio: The DDJ-RR features the same circuit for master and booth outputs as the pro-standard DDJ-RZ.
  • Portable design: Take the DDJ-RR to your gigs thanks to easy grab handles and a lightweight design.
  • Other features
    • Choose between USB or AC power
    • Two headphone outs – 3.5 mm and 1/4-inch jack headphone outs
    • DVS ready – rekordbox dvs Plus Pack required

Cost wise,  The  Pioneer DDJ-RR will exchange hands for USD 699 and the DDJ-RB for USD 249. Both controllers will be available late May.

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