With the recent launch of the Roland DJ-808, it’s becoming clear which direction Serato wants to take its DJ software suite. There is little doubt that Serato wants a piece of the DJ+Producer+Live Perfomer market, and in order to do that it needs bring Serato DJ up to speed.

In the recently launched beta 1.9.3, two new features stand out that underscore that ambition.

Ableton Link

Link is an open source, wirless procotol launched by Abelton last year that allows different devices running different apps to tempo sync with each other. You don’t even need Ableton Live to be part of that chain,  as long as the apps use the protocol.

Many IOS apps have integrated the protocol until now, but bigger DJ packages were lagging a bit behind.

Read more about Ableton Link here, and check out the explanation video below:

Serato Sampler

The sampler module SP-6 gets two added slots and become the Serato Sampler.

  • Includes two extra sample slots, allowing a total of eight samples to be loaded at once.
    Mapped across all supported hardware.
  • A redesigned interface with new simple / advanced view modes for ease of use and also flexibility for complex control.

Check out the video below by Traktorspecialist (!), going through the new features in Serato DJ 1.9.3 Beta.

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