Pioneer DJ recently announced that the XDJ-RX media player will be bundled with a free Rekordbox DJ license, worth USD 129.

If you happen to have an XDJ-RX and no Rekordbox DJ license, or if after purchasing the XDJ-RX you don’t get the free license, bookmark this page and come back to it in November to claim your free license. If you already have a Rekordbox DJ license, Pioneer DJ will unfortunately not refund you the cost.

Using the XDJ-RX with Rekordbox DJ

So how useful is the XDJ-RX with Rekordbox DJ?

I ‘m preparing a review of the XDJ-700, which is very similar in concept as the XDJ-RX, and I tried it out with Rekordbox DJ. The XDJ-700 is set to control deck 3 of my Rekordbox DJ setup with a DDJ-RX controlling deck 1,2 and 4.

I haven’t gone through all the possibilities yet, but in my opinion, using an XDJ player as a midi controller to control Rekordbox DJ is not putting it to its best use. Why? Well, you will have to wait for my full review, but for one, you don’t get the full high-resolution waveforms on the XDJ-700 screen (and I suspect it’s the same on the XDJ-RX). I also noticed significant lag time in loading and searching for tracks.

The bottom line is, the XDJ line is made to work with USB sticks that contains prepared tracks in Rekordbox, and this the operational mode in which these units really shine. Don’t make the mistake of buying them to use as a midi controller, if that is your intended main use. If that is your need, buy a DDJ-RX and get the full Rekordbox DJ experience.

A true hybrid controller from Pioneer DJ coming?

What the next DDJ controller might look like
What the next DDJ controller might look like

The only true hybrid DJ controller/media player out there is the Denon DJ MCX8000, and I’m sure that Pioneer DJ is preparing the answer in their secret labs. My prediction is that before Namm 2017 we will see a Pioneer DJ midi controller in the form factor of the DDKJ-RX that will have onboard screens, performance pads and that will be capable to accept USB sticks for standalone operation. It won’t come cheap, but it’s the next logical step for Pioneer. And pushing Rekordbox DJ with the XDJ-RX is the ideal way to test the water.

Stay tuned.

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