Another week, and a lot of stuff we couldn’t cover. So here are the stories that stood out the most.

DJ Player Pro 9

The Dj Player Pro 9 IOS app just launched, with a host of professional features that seem to challenge established DJ software packages such as Serato DJ and Rekordbox DJ. It has 4 decks, exceptional sound quality according to the creator, DVS support, Stems (!) support, midi maps, midi learn, full midi editor… The only apparent drawback is the price, you can choose between a subscription at USD 1,96/month or one time USD 89,99. Which is expensive for an IOS app. You can download a working version (but the cooler stuff mentioned above won’t work) from the app store for free. Check out more details here.

Roli Blocks modular controllers

Roli Blocks modular controllers
Roli Blocks modular controllers

Roli Blocks are modular, affordable touch controllers that are easy, and from the looks of it, fun to use. Roli is the company behind the rather revolutionary Seaboard Rise keyboards, and Blocks looks to be as innovative.  It works together with the IOS app NOISE app, and comes in, for now, 3 different modules: the Lightpad Block, the Live Control Block, and the Loop Block. The Lightpad block sells for USD 199,95 while the other two cost USD 99,95. Djworx has the full story and details.

 Bye Bye iTunes for DJs?

iTunes no longer for DJs?
iTunes no longer for DJs?

Once upon a time, iTunes was the software of choice for many DJs (including me) to organize their DJ music. From creating (smart) playlist to rating and tagging tracks, iTunes had it all keep things organized and tidy. But for a while now, iTunes has become bloatware with so many different things built in (Apple Music, iTunes Match, films, TVs, podcasts, audiobooks…) Apple has managed to make such a big mess out of it that Steve Jobs would probably fire everyone involved it on the spot if he were still around. Digitaldjtips explores its flaws and suggests a few alternatives. Check it out.

Mixars Launches MXR-2 2 channel mixer

Mixars MXR-2
Mixars MXR-2

Mixars just launched the MXR-2 2 channel budget mixer. At USD 349, the MXR-2 is rather well featured:

  • 2 multi-source stereo inputs (Phono (Line)/Line/USB), with gain control, 3-band Kill-EQ (+12/-26dB) and 10-LED level meter
  • Smooth dual-rail 45mm channel input faders
  • Microphone input (TRS connector) with level control, 2-band EQ, and on/off switch
  • 8 built-in digital FX (flanger, pitch shifter, stutter, vocoder, filter, and more) all able to be synced with auto-BPM detection

Check out all the details on the Mixars site here.

Is there anything we missed this week? Comment below!

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