Here is an interesting concept. What if there was an app that could analyze your entire track collection, take in individual tracks and make suggestions not based on some random algorithm that nobody understands, but actually based on what other DJ’s have chosen to play around said tracks?

Meet Kado, the newest “Personal DJ Assistant”. And this one looks very, very promising.

First, check out the introduction video:

What is it?

Kado is a company founded by none other than Ean Golden (from Djtechtools fame),  Rob McQueen (a former Twitter engineer), and AJ Asver (a former Google employee). It’s an interesting mix, and Ean being in there should guarantee a deep level of attention to qualitative music selection.
The way the whole thing works is that it opens up an extra window next to your (DJ) software of choice (you can also use iTunes). The idea is that you drag & drop tracks from your music collection into Kado and the app will suggest tracks that other Dj’s played both before and after the track you dropped in.
Kado suggestion screen
Kado suggestion screen

Kado can also link up to your DJ software of choice and base its selections on yours. Personally I would prefer that it would be possible to link to specific playlists, as my collection as a whole contains a lot of tracks that don’t particularly represent my taste or style as a DJ, but that are there for “pragmatical” reasons (requests, special theme gigs like birthdays and marriages, etc…)

Kado link to software screen
Kado link to software screen

There is more that Kado can do, but for that, you can head over to their site and try it out for yourself. It costs nothing for the first 30 days, after that there is a membership fee of USD 9.99 per month. Oh yes, the app is still in beta at this point, to be officially launched early 2017.

Final Thoughts

So will Kado work for you? Hard to say if you don’t try it. It depends mainly on how exactly their matching engine works together with your particular collection of music.

I suspect not many “popular genres” will be included in their database, so if you are a rap/hip-hop or Top 40 DJ, chances are the results will be disappointing. DJs that are more into house, techno, tech house and so on will probably have a better experience.

The 10 dollar fee per month doesn’t include the content either: you still have to pay for the tracks Kado suggests. And that makes it fairly expensive.

I will give it a test run over the next few days and come back with some more thoughts.

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