In a stunning revelation, the entire top DJ Mag Top 100 is switching to Denon DJ Prime gear as from the first of May. The DJ Mag Top 100 is not only a list, it’s also an exclusive club that comes together from time to time in secret locations to decide on the future of EDM.

The announcement was made the Top 100’s number 1 DJ in the world: Martin Garrix. DjTechZone was able to obtain an exclusive statement from Mr. Garrix on how this shocking decision came to be:

After Denon DJ came out with their new player and mixer, we started to see these new gear pop-up in clubs and on festivals. For many of us this was quite confusing, as we are used to use one type of gear only, and that is Pioneer DJ gear. But when Tiësto, Olivier Heldens, Paul Oakenfold and Laidback Luke all announced they were switching camp, we feared that we might face a situation that we might have a different type of gear depending on the venue or festival.

Listen, we basically all make the same music, with the same software and the same plugins, using the same ghost producers. We like to keep that uniformity across the production chain of our entire product so it’s only logical we all need to play on the same gear. And since Tiësto likes the Denons, and Tiësto is God,  we decided to go with Denon DJ.

Hardwell added:

Also the color scheme on the new SC5000 is cool, much shinier than the Pioneer DJ CDJ-2000NXS2. It makes my facial features stand out much better on stage so going for these instead of the usual Pioneer DJ stuff is the best decision we could make as a group. Also, it has more buttons I can pretend to be pushing on. And the screen is like working with an iPad so that makes it even easier for us.

We also have reaction from Steve Aoki

For me basically, I don’t really care. I focus on throwing cakes and interacting with the crowd anyway so whatever is in front of me I will use. Although I heard these new Denon DJ players are cheaper than the Pioneer DJ gear and they are water proof, so they might get less ruined if this sh*t happens again. Unless water proof doesn’t equal cake proof. Whatever.

The only opposing voice is that of Deadmau5. He won’t be switching to Denon DJ for the following reason:

Give me a break. All these wankers on this list are not even real DJ’s. I don’t use any that Pioneer DJ crap and won’t be using any of that Denon DJ crap either. It’s just iPods with some extra controls to make them look “professional”. I’ll stick to my own stuff, thank you so f*cking much.

Denon DJ, obviously very satisfied with this, commented:

We wanted to start the #changeyourrider campaign with a bang, and were happy to get legends like Tiësto and Paul Oakenfold on our side. But being able to welcome the entire DJ Mag Top 100 to the Denon DJ familiy is beyond our wildest dreams. We obviously will do our best to equip everyone with the gear setup they need and we will be hiring a lot of additional heads to coach and assist each one of these fantastic DJ’s to put our Prime Series products to their best use.

We also obtained an exclusive picture of the first batch of players and mixers ready to be shipped to all the DJ’s in the list:

Denon DJ gear for Dj Mag TOP 100 DJ's
Denon DJ gear for Dj Mag TOP 100 DJ’s

Pioneer DJ didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment, but we managed to catch Paul A. Fooliard, Pioneer DJ’s global brand director, initial reaction after the news broke:

A very sad man...
A very sad man…

We imagine they must be feeling the pain. Losing 100 top DJ’s in one go is kind of a PR nightmare, and it will be harder for the brand to maintain the “Industry Standard” status they have held for so many years.

Nevertheless, there are more DJ’s in the world than the ones in the DJ Mag Top 100 and this could be an opportunity for Pioneer DJ to explore niche markets they haven’t really touched before. The launch of the production-oriented Toraiz AS-1 and SP-16 might indicate they saw this blow coming and are already preparing to expand their reach into new markets to compensate for the loss in the professional DJ market.

So there you have it! Hopefully, you enjoyed this one, and are having a wonderful April 1st 😉

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