if you are thinking of buying Serato DJ, this might be the good week. Serato is currently running a 1-week promo and the Serato DJ price is slashed from USD 99 to USD 49.50, exactly 50 % off.

50 bucks for Serato DJ is a steal, and if you already own a Serato DJ ready controller but are stuck with Serato Intro, this is your chance to go for the full Serato experience. Go here to buy online.

Serato DJ is very powerful and has gained a lot of extra functionality in the last few months, with frequent updates. The latest version, 1.9.6, adds the following, amongst other things:

  • Smart Sync now available for DVS hardware
  • ‘Tempo Slider affects all synced decks’ option available in Setup screen
  • Anti-Drift – Stabilize your BPM when using wonky turntables.
  • Favourite FX Banks
  • Chronological Loop sorting
  • Loops are now able to be re-ordered
  • ‘Enable Hot Cues’ option now available in the Setup screen

Got questions about Serato DJ? Check our in-depth review of the software right here, or check out our comparison between Rekordbox DJ and Serato DJ right here.

Serato DJ key features

  • PLUG & PLAY: Plug in the supported hardware and Serato DJ is ready to go.
  • LIBRARY: Easily add and organize your favorite music or simply DJ from your existing iTunes library.
  • INTUITIVE DESIGN: Streamlined design for quick and easy use of your favorite features.
  • SAMPLER: Trigger up to 32 Samples, Stings or Loops over your tracks with the built-in Serato Sampler.
  • CUES & LOOPS: Easily trigger and loop the favorite parts of your track.
  • FX: Add another dimension to your mix with powerful FX from iZotope.
  • SYNC: Use Sync to get your tracks in time quickly.
  • EXPANSION PACKS: For Serato DJ add even more functionality, such as Pitch ‘n Time accurately manipulate the pitch & speed of your tracks, Serato Flip to rearrange your tracks, Serato DVS to control Serato DJ using timecode vinyl, Serato Video for Video Djing and more!

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