Continuing their tradition of producing affordable but high-quality headphones, AIAIAI has presented two new models geared towards the DJ producer/music maker community: the AIAIAI TMA-2 Studio and the TMA-2 Studio XE.

Both headphones are made with environmentally friendly materials, continuing a tradition that defines the Danish company.

In their own words:

A headphone for discerning music makers, the TMA-2 Studio features highly detailed audio from the signature bio-diaphragm driver which ensures precise and reliable audio and isolation for the creative process. The bio-cellulose speaker diaphragm is made of a bacterial cellulose, an organic compound grown using certain types of bacteria. Renewable and biodegradable, with powerful acoustic properties, the diaphragm is made up of a structure of fine fibres. These fibres construct a very solid but lightweight material making it ideal for a speaker diaphragm.

Sound impressive, doesn’t it? But it all comes down to two things: how do they sound, and how do they feel on the head? We will find out soon in our upcoming review, as AIAIAI has committed to providing us a pair as soon as they become available.

The modularity, for which AIAIAI is also known, is also part of these products. As such, we could speak more of a headphone system, meaning, if you need to replace a part, no need to buy a full new set, just buy the part you need to replace. Great stuff, both for your wallet as for the environment.

Check out the key features below!

Key Features

Signature AIAIAI sound tuned for clarity and detail.

Critically acclaimed sound specifically designed for studio use with a clear and highly detailed sound representation. AIAIAI paired the biocellulose diaphragm with a high-grade neodymium magnet which resulted in a speaker unit that offers a clear mid-range better dynamic and a more natural overall tonality. When tuning the speaker unit special attention was given to the clarity in the mid-range without compromising the extension in the bass range. This results in a very wide soundstage with great instrumental separation.

Enhanced comfort with Alcantara®. (applicable to the TMA-2 Studio only)

Ultra-soft over-ear memory foam cushions covered with resilient, CO2 neutral, and highly comfortable Alcantara® ideal
for longer sessions.

Bio-diaphragm speaker for enhanced accuracy.

Diaphragm precision-grown from bio-cellulose making it stiffer, lighter and stronger than regular PET speaker units. The biocellulose speaker diaphragm is made of a bacterial cellulose which is an organic compound that is grown using certain types of bacteria. Bio-cellulose is an interesting material for many reasons: it’s renewable biodegradable and it has great acoustic properties.

High-quality cable.

High-quality coiled cable extending up to 3.2m for flexible and lossless experience.

Responsible modular headphones – designed to last.
Upgrade and expand as technology or needs evolve to extend the functional lifetime of the product and create less waste for the planet.

Two-year warranty

To guarantee long term, reliable audio performance a two-year warranty is included.

Pricing and Availability

USD 229 for the TMA-2 Studio XE and USD 179 for the TMA-2 Studio XE.