Today Algoriddim has finally launched djay Pro for iPhone, after being initially available for iPad and Mac. You will need IOS 10 to run it and an iPhone 5, although that running it on the tiny screen of the 5 will be a bit of a pain, especially in 4 deck mode.

The professional version of the djay app has all the features of the Mac and iPad version and makes best of use of a few innovative features on the iPhone 6s and 7: haptic feedback and 3D touch.

djay Pro for iPhone haptic feedback
djay Pro for iPhone haptic feedback

In the words of Algoriddim:

Haptic Feedback: djay Pro provides unique haptic feedback on the waveforms and jog wheels so you can literally feel the beats while scratching and scrubbing the music.

3D Touch: With 3D Touch you can precisely set a cue point by force touching the waveforms. You can also tap and hold songs in djay Pro’s music library for an instant preview.

Djay Pro For iPhone 4 decks
Djay Pro For iPhone 4 decks

Apart from the haptic feedback and 3D touch support, djay Pro for iPad supports 4 channels with simultaneous 4 waveform display.

The integration with Spotify is also there, making it possible to mix tracks directly from your Spotify library. This is a killer feature and can be a lifesaver when you are playing out and you get a request you absolutely can’t refuse…but you don’t have it in your collection.

There is also a video mode with rather impressive specs:

djay Pro iPhone key specs
djay Pro iPhone key specs

The app supports Apple Watch (yes that is still for sale) if you happen to have one. And use it.

Finally, the app supports a number of Dj controllers, such as the Reloop Mixon, the Reloop Beatpad 2 and the Pioneer DJ Wego4, amongst others.

Our Thoughts

With this release, Algoriddim consolidates their dominance on the DJ app market. No other vendor has such an extensive offering, with apps for IOS and Android, tablets, phones and Mac. the Pro version now supports all modern iPhones (from 5 up) and iPads, including the gigantic iPad Pro.

I will be diving into the iPhone version soon, and since I’m getting an iPhone 7 soon I will be able to try out those flashy haptic and 3D things :-).

djay Pro for iPhone is available from the App Store for a mere USD 4.99. Get it here. For all the details on djay Pro for iPhone, check out the Algoriddim site right here.

Introduction Video


So what do you think of djay pro for iPhone? Worth the cost? Or is djing on an iPhone just kids stuff? Comment below!