The Allen & Heath Xone:96 viewed from the front
The Allen & Heath Xone:96 viewed from the front

As expected, Allen & Heath has officially launched the brand new Xone:96 club mixer. This mixer is the successor of the legendary Xone:92, and the look of the mixer is very classic, almost retro, and for sure that would please the potential buyer audience for this unit.

The specs are extensive so I won’t be going into too many details, but let’s highlight a few key characteristics. First of all, the mixer has no built-in effects. This might seem weird if you are not familiar with Xone’s family of products, and especially considering that most of the other high-end mixers from rivaling brands try to out-do each other with the ever-increasing amount of exotic effects. But that is not what the Xone:96 is about.

If you want effects, there are 2 stereo sends 4 stereo returns and a dedicated master insert. Send 1 is switchable from Line to Hi-Z level, making it ideal for incorporating instrument level effects, like classic guitar pedals.

But that doesn’t mean that the Xone:96 is not ready for the digital age. The Xone:96 features two independent USB connections, each with 6 stereo inputs and outputs giving you a myriad of routing options.

State-of-the-art 96kHz/32-bit processing ensures the highest audio quality is passed between your laptops and the analog engine.

Additionally the Xone:96 soundcard supports DVS control of Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 DJ software right out of the box.

Also worth mentioning are the Dual Xone VCF filters with Crunch. Alongside the classic HPF, BPF, LPF, resonance control and frequency sweep layout, there’s CRUNCH, a controlled harmonic distortion that sits pre-filter in the circuit to give you a powerful new effect.

The Xone:96 lets you route all six main channels to either filter.

Connectivity wise, the Xone:96 has X-Link, which allows you to hook up Xone:K series controllers to the Xone:96 for hands-on control over your software, saving USB ports on your laptop.

MIDI I/O is catered for via the 5-pin connection on the rear panel, and via both USBs.

Allen & Heath’s Senior Product Manager, David Morbey, is justifiably excited:

Xone:96 has it all. The huge, detailed, space-shaking Xone analog sound, a refined, precision 4-band EQ with Xone: VCF filters and CRUNCH harmonic distortion, plus a dual 32-bit USB soundcard (24 channels @ 96kHz) with Traktor Scratch certification straight out of the box. The launch of Xone:96 marks a highly significant moment for us, stemming as it does from our determination to take account of and act on feedback from the DJ community.

The status of Xone:92 as an undisputed classic was something we took very seriously when developing Xone:96. It was clear that we couldn’t afford to lose its essence but also that we should seek to exceed the expectations of those who were pushing us to deliver another cutting-edge mixer. It isn’t overstating the case to say every fader, knob, button and switch has been subject to a forensic level of attention. Xone:96 is the answer to every question we were asked.

There is much more than this to the Xone:96, but that will be for the full review & video, which I hope to be able to do soon!

Key Features

• Legendary Xone analog design
• 6+2 channel layout
• Dual 24- channel 32Bit/96kHz soundcards
• Traktor Scratch Certified
• Dual Xone VCF filters with Crunch distortion
• Xone 4-Band EQ
• Two independent CUE systems
• innoFADER Cross Fader

Pricing and Availability

The Allen & Heath Xone:96 costs USD 1.999, availability to be determined.