BPM 2015: Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZ & DDJ-RX Rekordbox DJ Controllers

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZ & DDJ-RX
Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZ & DDJ-RX

At BPM 2015 Pioneer DJ launched two new controllers designed to work with Rekordbox DJ: the DDJ-RZ, a refresh of their flagship controller DDJ-SZ for Serato DJ, and the DDJ-RX, which is the Rekordbox DJ version of the DDJ-SX2 for Serato DJ.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZ & DDJ-RX features

The controllers pretty much mirror the functionality of their Serato DJ counterparts, with different colors for the pads, leds and so on.

With Rekordbox 4.0 positioned as a one-stop solution for DJ’s that use Pioneer hardware (which is a large part of the professional DJ crowd) now supporting all pioneer controllers, it’s hard to imagine Pioneer not having a go at total market domination. If their software/hardware integration is tight enough (and there is no reason that shouldn’t be the case considering how well Rekordbox functions with their CDJ line) there is little that can stop Pioneer to come out on top.

The Pioneer DDJ-RZ will retail for €2,099 and the Pioneer DDJ-RX at €1,049. Both will be bundled with the Rekordbox DJ Plus pack.

Check out the introduction video below: