Engine Prime, the flagship music management software for the SC5000 Prime player, has been upgraded to version 1.1.

It adds full support for iTunes, a welcome addition for all those DJ’s that rely on Apple’s music management software for their track library. There is also now the possibility to add cues and loops while a track is still being analyzed. Check the full list below.

If you are Denon DJ MCX8000 user, however, don’t get excited. This update is only for Engine Prime, and the MCX8000 uses the original Engine 1.5.

Denon DJ does have an interesting statement up regarding the compatibility between Engine Prime and the MCX8000:

Is Engine Prime an update to the original Engine 1.5 software?

Engine Prime is a completely separate version of the Engine software, not a subsequent version of the original Engine 1.5. While the first iteration of Engine Prime is not compatible with the MCX8000, forthcoming versions will allow users to save libraries in an MCX8000 compatible format. All MCX8000 users should continue to use Engine 1.5 until a compatible Engine Prime update is released.

Granted, it has been almost a year since Denon DJ stated that an upgrade to Engine 1.5 would see the light, but at least the fact the above statement is still live on the site points to the possibility that Denon DJ is working on making Engine Prime compatible with the MCX8000.

Key Features

  • iTunes now displays subfolder playlists.
  • iTunes playlists are now copyable to Engine Prime playlist and crate areas via right click menu or dragging.
  • Engine Prime now supports custom iTunes XML database locations.
  • Search: Using spaces now allows the user to search text within multiple fields at once.
  • Loops and Cues can now be placed before analysis is complete.
  • Right-clicking a playlist can now make any custom sort order the new playlist order.
  • Filters now highlight all shown related compatible keys and BPMs when selecting items in the lists.
  • Missing songs that could not be packed to a drive are now listed in a missing files crate.
  • New “Job Monitor” feature is accessible on the lower right corner of the application. This feature helps the scheduling of song packing to drives, adding tracks to collections, and other processes.
  • The amount of songs selected is now shown at the bottom of the screen.

Pricing and Availability

Available now for free at the Denon DJ site.