Denon DJ has released Engine version 1.6. The most remarkable features are the integration of Dropbox (with 25 GB of space for 6 months included for Engine users) and the integration of a new streaming service: Beatsource LINK.

The Dropbox integration can be configured in different ways (see the introduction video below) and once it’s set up, it allows you to synchronize your player with your Dropbox cloud library. If you are already a Dropbox user, and if you already have your music collection on Dropbox, then this is a great feature addition.

Apart from that, there are other new features and improvements, such as import of flexible beatgrids, all listed below.

Key Features

  • Added Dropbox personal cloud storage service – Subscribers of Dropbox can now store
    their Engine Prime collection in the cloud and access it remotely on any Engine OS product.
  • Added the ability to manually set Flexible Beat Grids for multi-tempo tracks
  • Added the ability to import Serato DJ and rekordbox static and Flexible Beat Grids
  • Added the option to auto backup collection when closing the application
  •  macOS 11 Big Sur compatibility

Fixes & improvements

  • Various rekordbox import improvements including retaining Hot Cue color, importing Hot
    Cue Loops as Loops, and retaining Date Added field
  • Made visual improvements to the waveform when editing the Beat Grid
  • Both layers are now able to lead the sync BPM
  • Shift-click can be used to disable sync
  • The database is checked for corruption before creating a new backup
  • A warning dialogue is now shown when removing packed tracks
  • Fixed an issue where track analysis data changes from external drives would in some cases
    not be shown in the local collection after sync
  • Fixed an issue that caused the application to hang on exit if the export was in progress
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘esc’ & ‘enter’ keys didn’t work as expected when batch editing
  • Fixed an issue where tracks were not reloaded at the Cue position
  • Fixed an issue that caused slow library scrolling on external drives
  • Fixed an issue where track preview would not start by clicking on the preview waveform
  • Fixed an issue where canceling Sync Manager during export would cause the app to freeze
  • Fixed an issue where the Sync Manager ‘Export Complete’ message was not consistently
    displayed when crates and/or playlists were added to external drives
  • Fixed an issue where Beat Grid Lock would not lock on both decks when clicked on one of the decks if the same track was loaded on both decks
  • Fixed an issue where re-exporting analyzed / Beat Grid locked tracks did not update
    preview waveform or Beat Grid Lock state on an external drive
  • Fixed an issue that caused halving or doubling the BPM to not work correctly when the
    same track was loaded on both decks
  • Fixed an issue where tracks added to internal playlists from an external source did not show a preview waveform when auto-analysis was on
  • Fixed an issue where the application would prompt to eject the system drive (macOS)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during Sync Manager export
  • Fixed an issue where deselecting a large crate/playlist in Sync Manager caused a long
    application exit time
  • Fixed an issue where the About window would falsely state an update was available
  • Fixed an issue where the preview waveform would not display for files imported from
    Traktor stored on external drives
  • Other various stability enhancements & improvements