Denon DJ has been working hard behind the scenes, and a few days ago they announced that he great MCX8000 is now compatible with the latest version of Engine Prime. This has a number of advantages, being the most important one that MCX8000 users have access to the Engine Prime features and can use their Engine Prime USB sticks both with the MCX8000 and the Prime media players.

The MCX8000 new 2.0 firmware not only unlocks Engine Prime, it also includes improvements to the microphone/recording workflow, beatgrid/sync and quantize enhancements, plus browsing improvements.

Engine Prime has also been improved, and this new 1.2.1 version has improved library and track import features, plus optimized playlist options.

Overall, this update shows that Denon DJ means business. Pioneer DJ has promoted Rekordbox as the center of their ecosystem for years, and almost their entire line of DJ controllers, mixers and media players support it. Denon DJ wants to go the same route, and Engine Prime will be the central hub of that approach.

What could be next from Denon DJ? The MCX8000 is a few years old and starts to feel outdated (especially the screens) compared to the new players. So could an MCX8000 Prime be next?

Check out the full feature list below.

Key Features

Engine Prime 1.2.1

  • MCX8000 Database Export support
  • Playlists now rearrangeable
  • Drag iTunes, Traktor and Serato parent crates/folders to Collection
  • Faster iTunes and Serato library import
  • Album/Song Artwork management faster and optimized
  • Enhanced Loop control for quicker navigation through tracks

MCX8000 2.0

  • Support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives
  • Mic 1 & 2 Attenuation controls added
  • Fine tune of Mic ‘talk-over’ adjustments
  • Change USB recording level
  • Beat Grid support for Engine Prime prepared USB drives
  • Quantize feature and Beat Sync/Division options added
  • Song BPM sorting feature

SC5000/5000M Prime 1.2.1

  • Increased scratch-able/playable empty space before track start
  • Update unit firmware via USB stick without direct computer use
  • Various upgrades and improvements

Pricing and Availability

Available now, see links above.