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Ultimate Ears 6 Pro

Ultimate Ears 6 Pro In-Ear Monitors Review

The Ultimate Ears 6 Pro is designed with drummers in mind but will serve DJ's perfectly as they are very similar acoustic needs when performing. The price is high, but the experience is premium.
Pioneer DJ DD-SB3

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 Serato DJ Lite Controller Review And Video

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 is a worthy update from the DDJ-SB2. With the added loop section, the 8 performance pads and the controversial Pad Scratch feature the DDJ-SB3 has a bit of everything to everyone, and as such is an excellent choice for the starting DJ.
Reloop TOUCH

Reloop Touch Virtual DJ DJ Controller Review And Video

The Reloop Touch is a dedicated Virtual DJ controller with a built-in 7 inch high-resolution screen. It has 4 channels, good quality jog wheels and overall it's a great DJ controller, with some minor quality issues here and there.
Numark NS6II

Numark NS6II Serato DJ Pro Controller Review And Video

The Numark NS6II is the successor to the original, and slightly legendary, NS6. Users of the original NS6 that are considering upgrading should not be worried and move ahead, for the NS6II is filled with innovative features while still keeping the things that the made the original such a success: sturdy and solid build quality at a reasonable price.
Roland DJ-505

Roland DJ-505 Serato DJ Pro Controller Review And Video

The DJ-505 is the mid-level DJ controller in Roland's new DJ controller range. It sits nicely between the DJ-202 and the DJ-808 and combines the best of both worlds: A compact overall size with a dedicated sequencer/drum machine section.

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Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB Rekordbox DJ Controller Review And Video

he DDJ-RB, being an entry-level controller, has a full plastic body. Still, the build quality is solid and everything seems to be attached well. The dimensions are the same as the DDJ-SB2, so if you own an SB2 case it will fit.

Numark Mixtrack Platinum Serato DJ Controller Review And Video

I must confess I was really excited with the Platinum when it came out. I already liked the Mixtrack Pro 3, but the added gain knobs and above all the LCD screens in the center of each jog wheel really spoke to me as a DJ.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR Rekordbox DJ Controller Review And Video

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-RR makes a very solid first impression, although it is a bit lighter than its predecessor, the DDJ-SR. The black finish looks classy and aligned with the new line of Rekordbox DJ controllers Pioneer DJ has been putting out.

Roland DJ-202 Serato DJ Controller Review And Video

The DJ-202 is the new entry-level controller in the Roland DJ controller range. And for an entry-level controller, it comes packed with a lot of interesting features.