Numark NDX-500 Quick Review

The Numark NDX-500 is a compact but solidly build media player that accepts CDs, USB sticks and can function as a Serato DJ controller. This means that for under USD 250 you get many of the features on more expensive players (the XDJ-1000 from Pioneer DJ sells for approx USD 1000) without cleaning your savings account.


*Price Ranges in USD: 300:$  300-500:$$  500-1000:$$$  1000-2000:$$$$  2000+:$$$$$

The Numark NDX500 is very compact and very cheap media player. It reads CD’s and USB sticks, and it has onboard controls for loops and hot cues. The jog wheel is excellent and feels quite solid.

The screen is very basic but at this price range, you cannot expect much more. Finally, the NDX500 supports Serato DJ so you can add 2 of them to your Serato DJ setup and have physical decks in addition to your Serato DJ virtual decks on your DJ controller. Great!

  • Compact and solid build
  • Cheap way of adding physical decks to your controller setup
  • Support for USB and CD makes it ideal for mobile DJs
  • Solid build
  • Very basic screen, but it’s hard to expect more at this price range.
Features & Specifications

Features & Specifications

  • Control DJ software and play music from USB flash drives, CDs, or MP3 CDs
  • Built-in USB computer audio interface for playing back music from your Mac or PC
  • Touch-sensitive scratch and search wheel for unprecedented control
  • Control DJ software via USB MIDI
  • Auto BPM with tap override for instant tempo analysis
  • Start/stop time adjustment for vinyl-style braking
  • Three hot cues for quick access to key points
  • Seamless looping with stutter start for easy loop creation and integration
  • Pitch tracks up or down by up to 100%
  • Master Tempo preserves key while pitch-shifting
  • Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection technology
  • Text display for quickly and easily navigating media files
  • Pre-mapped for deep integration with Serato DJ*
  • Class-compliant, instantly works with Windows and Mac OS X, no driver required
  • USB Cable, RCA Audio Cable, User Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual
  • Mapped for Serato DJ (Not Included!)
  • Dimensions: 298 x 214 x 108 mm




*Price Ranges in USD: 300:$  300-500:$$  500-1000:$$$  1000-2000:$$$$  2000+:$$$$$