Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 Quick Review

The Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2 is a powerful addition to the DJM mixer range, with double USB ports, improved color FX  and FX send/return, Magvel crossfader and much more. It doesn’t come cheap but it allows for extensive creative possibilities.


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Our Rating

DjTechZone rating

What We Like

  • Clip alert on each channel
  • Double USB input for easy DJ switchover
  • Vast FX control improvements: new LCD screen, beat fx indicator, extra fx parameter knob..
  • The possibility to select which frequency the fx effects is a killer feature

What We Like Less

  • Only one thing here: the price..

Features & Specifications

  • High quality audio components for a warm, detailed sound
  • Improved digital sound processing
  • 96 kHz/24-bit sound card and direct digital connection
  • Newly developed power supply
  • Improved analogue input
  • Improved EQ, fader and clip controls for smoother mixes
  • Improved channel fader curves
  • New EQ curves
  • More accurate clip indicator
  • Peak limiter
  • More detailed control of a wealth of FX plus an independent Send/Return
  • 6 Sound Colour FX
  • New Sweep: replaces Gate/Comp
  • New parameter knob: alters different parameters for each effect
  • Bigger knobs: for more nuanced control of all sound colour FX
  • 14 Beat FX
  • New FX: Ping Pong, Vinyl Brake, Helix, Pitch, improved Reverb.
  • Bigger X-Pad with OLED screen
  • FX Frequency: choose which frequency range to apply effects to.
  • Channel selection LED
  • Two USB ports, 4 Phono Inputs and DVS support for total flexibility and seamless DJ handovers
  • 2 USB ports and a top-loaded input switcher
  • DVS control
  • 4 Phono Inputs
  • Pro DJ Link via LAN or USB for even more scope and flexibility
  • High quality, rugged build for professional use
  • Magvel Fader
  • 2 headphone plugs: ¼-inch stereo jack and 3.5mm MiniPin
  • Gold-plated RCAs
  • Number of channels: 4 x audio channels, 2 x MIC channels
  • Input ports: Digital In x 4 (coaxial), Line In x 4 (RCA), Phono x 4 (RCA), MIC x 2 (XLR & ¼-inch TRS jack x 1, 1/4” TRS JACK x 1)
  • Output ports: Master Out x 2 (XLR x 1, RCA x 1), Booth Out x 1 (1/4“ TRS jack), Headphone Monitor Out x 1(1/4” stereo jack, 3.5mm stereo min-jack), Rec Out x 1 (RCA), Digital Out x 1 (coaxial)
  • Other ports: Send x 1 (1/4” TS jack), Return x 1 (1/4” TS jack), USB B x 2, USB A x 1, Link (LAN) x 1
  • Sampling rate: 96kHz
  • D/A converter: 32bit
  • A/D converter: 24bit
  • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 40kHz (Line)
  • Total Harmonic Distortion ratio: 0.005% or less (Line-Master1)
  • S/N ratio: 105 dB (Line)
  • Max external dimension (W x D x H): 333 x 414.2 x 107.9 mm
  • Unit weight: 8.0kg