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Serato DJ Pro 2.2 Day Mode Hero

Serato DJ Pro 2.2 Adds Day Mode, Play Count And Streaming Improvements!

Serato DJ Pro 2.2 adds day mode, play count features and also improves streaming services. Serato DJ Pro 2.2 is now in public beta and you can joint it!
Traktor DJ 2 release hero

Native Instruments Release Traktor DJ 2, Compatible With Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3

Native Instruments Release Traktor DJ 2, compatible with the Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 and the Z1. It's also possible to stream tracks using SoundCloud GO.

Streaming Tracks Coming To Denon DJ’s Prime Series This Summer!

Streaming is coming this summer to Denon DJ's Prime Series, in the form of integration with Beatport LINK, SoundCloud GO, Tidal and BeatSource.

Serato Launches Serato Studio, Music Production Software For DJs

Serato Studio Beta bridges the gap between DJing and music production with an easy to use interface, quality effects and DJ gear connectivity.
Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1

Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1 Released! Support For Syncing Roland Drum Machines And More

Serato has released Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1 adding some interesting features to the software, such as OSA re-mapping and support for the Reloop RP-8000 MK2.