It’s pretty common these days to accuse DJ’s of faking it. We all know the famous sync button debate or the fact that many superstar DJ’s are suspected of using pre-recorded sets for their shows.

I don’t really believe in that. The sync button is fine if it makes you more creative as a DJ, and pre-recorded sets… I think most of the top DJ’s mix live, not only audio but also their video show. Check out an excellent Armin van Buuren video on the subject:

Believe me, Armin is not the only one taking his craft seriously.

But there is another category of superstar DJ. DJ Pauly D, and even Paris Hilton call themselves DJ’s these days. They use their popularity in other areas to cash in doing gigs, even landing huge residencies in Ibiza:

Still breathing? Good. To recover from the above, have a look at the classic 2012 Laidback Luke DJSound set. This is Luke on top of his game, a fine-tuned mixing machine that doesn’t miss a beat.

So if people feel compelled to create noise about superstar Dj’s faking it, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are. To stay with Luke, check out below the “What DJ’s Do These Days” video that went kind of viral.

These guys are having a bit of fun, but it doesn’t mean that they are faking it, and it certainly doesn’t mean they can’t DJ:

So there you go. To round up, check out an excellent article at DJtechtools on Cheap DJ tricks and how to avoid them, to ensure nobody thinks you are faking it, even if you are doing the real thing!

What do you think on the subject? Do Superstar DJs fake it, or is just hip & cool to say they do? Chime in below!