I stumbled upon an article @ Wired about a company called Magic Leap. They operate from Florida USA and what they are building will probably blow your and many others mind.

Magic Leap is developing the next generation of a digital interface, based on AR (Augmented Reality). Basically, their technology is capable of rendering high-definition, 3D content right in front of you, embedded in the real world.

While this is nothing new, as many companies are working on their own AR solutions, it seems like Magic Leap’s solution is the one with the highest quality.

To say investors have faith is an understatement since they recently secured USD 1.4 Billion in funding. Yes, Billion. Check out the video below to understand why…

So what does all this have to do with DJing, you ask?

One of the first images on the site is an AR DJ workflow, that extends the physical controls on the mixer and CDJs. The fact they have this up tells me that there are at least ideas in the direction of music production/performance.

Magic Leap DJ
Magic Leap and live performance

Are you starting to see the possibilities? I am, and I personally can’t wait for more details on their tech and see how it could be applied to music production, DJing¬†and performance.

The company is very secretive about how this all works. Wired recently got an inside tour, and while not much is revealed, it’s clear from the article that actually experiencing the technology is mind-blowing. Check out the piece right here.

So I will be following this and report back when more details arise, as I truly believe Magic Leap is onto something revolutionary. I want this blog to be about DJing in all its aspects, and the future of it and music performance in general intrigues me much more than the past, so keep an eye on future blog posts if you feel the same.