Update 2: The real thing is out! Check the XDJ-RX2 full details here.

Updated: Djtechtools updated their original article with what could be a leaked picture of the actual real thing:

XDJ-RX MK2 leaked??
XDJ-RX MK2 leaked??

It’s blurry and unclear, but it does seem to confirm the earlier Reddit rumors and my design as on this page, with the 8 performance pads per deck.

It could be a fake, but I doubt it. It takes a lot of work to make a fake in this position, so I don’t see why anyone would go ahead and spend so much time on doing that and then just release a blurry unclear image.

This is probably a sample image provided to case manufacturers so they can ahead and start case design for the new model.

The screen looks like a CDJ-2000NXS2 screen though, so I went back and updated my design as well:

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX MK2 updated rendition
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX MK2 updated rendition

Now that looks pretty cool, doesn’t it! The mixer does look more like a DJM mixer, with the cue buttons in the right place, and an AUX input added in as well for good measure. I really wonder how far from the final product I will be in September!

original article below:

You know the old saying… Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. Djtechtools posted a piece about the possibility of an XDJ-RX MK2 coming this September, all based on the following thread on Reddit DJs:

The new XDJ-RX is coming this September =D from DJs

The reason why this caught my attention is that I have been hearing some noises about something big coming in September from Pioneer DJ, and this could be it. Now I have imagined what the XDJ RX version 2 could like in the past, and I even created a rendition of it.

In my mind, the next hybrid Pioneer DJ controller/media player would inherit the screens from the Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZX, and be a 4 channel controller. It would very much like look like a DDJ-RX on steroids.

The succesor of the XDJ-RX might look like this.
The successor of the XDJ-RX might look like this.

With the latest information, I kind of changed my mind and created a new version, much more in line with the incremental approach Pioneer DJ tends to apply to their product line, and also following the spec changes suggested by the Reddit user:

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX MK2 rendition
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX MK2 rendition

If the rumors are true, then the XDJ-RX MK2 will end up looking much like this. The double row of backlit RGB performance pads is a no-brainer. I think the mixer will have some small improvements, such as upgraded sound color FX (please Pioneer!). Finally, I hope they upgrade the jog wheels to something more CDJ like, but that is a long shot.

Oh and just for good measure, here is the original XDJ-RX:

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX, the current model.
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX, the current model.

I hope the rumors are true, and that we indeed see the XDJ-MK2 in September. The format is great and it supports Rekordbox DJ from the start as well, it would be the perfect hybrid machine to use both on the go with USB sticks and/or computer as at home. Just do it Pioneer DJ!

Check out the entire story from Djtechtools here, they go into much deeper detail on what could be coming from Pioneer DJ and why it makes sense from their product cycle point of view.

So what do you think? Is this coming? If it is, do you want one, or what is it missing to be your perfect dream controller? Comment below!