With the official launch of macOS 10.13, otherwise known as High Sierra upon us it’s important to know the risks of upgrading your Mac to the new OS the day it comes out.

As it stands today, the risks are high. Let’s have a quick look at the latest statements from manufacturers.

Serato DJ

Although Serato DJ works with macOS High Sierra, Serato DJ is not supporting it officially. This means that if you run into trouble, you’re on your own. If you are a Serato DJ user, the message is clear: avoid upgrading, especially on your mission-critical laptop. Read their full statement here.


Mixvibes Cross DJ

No official word from Mixvibes on compatibility with High Sierra yet.

Status: UNKNOWN.

Virtual DJ

No official word from Virtual DJ yet, but in the forum, there is a post by a development manager that states no issues were found with High Sierra so far. I would wait to have something more solid before upgrading though. Read the unofficial forum post.

Virtual DJ has released an official statement confirming their full compatibility with macOS High Sierra. Read the full statement here.


djay Pro for Mac

Despite their thight relationship with Apple, Algoriddim hasn’t released any statements about the compatibility of their djay Pro software with High Sierra. I expect the compatibility to be there since, as said, they colaborate very closely. Still, I wouldn’t upgrade a mission critical machine until there is some official confirmation.

Status: UNKNOWN.

InMusic (Denon DJ, Numark, Akai Pro, Rane)

The InMusic brands have apparently done some serious efforts to make their products as much as possible compatible with High Sierra right from the start. Not only that, they provide clear and complete information on which products are compatible, what things you need to watch out for when upgrading your mac, and so on.

  • Denon DJ (read the full KB article): The Prime Series is fully compatible, both Engine Prime and the SC5000 player and X1800 mixer. The Denon DJ controllers are compatible on a hardware level, but Serato DJ users need to be careful, as Serato DJ is not yet compatible with High Sierra. This goes for all the DJ controllers that use Serato DJ, so I won’t repeat it.
  • NumarkĀ (read the full KB article): See above. Most controllers are hardware compatible, but Serato DJ users need to wait.
  • Akai Pro (read the full KB article): Same as above.
  • Rane (read the full KB article): Same as above.



With Roland now firmly in the DJ game, owners of Roland DJ controllers will be interested to know how compatible their gear is with High Sierra. At the moment of writing, most of the gear is under testing with the new OS. Considering Serato DJ isn’t compatible either, upgrading is not a good idea at the moment. Read the full KB article.


Pioneer DJ

Pioneer DJ is currently testing the compatibility of High Sierra with all their gear and software, and they won’t commit to supporting it until the… end of October. That’s a long wait, but if that guarantees 100% compatibility, then I guess it’s worth waiting. Read their statement.



No statements or support articles on the subject. My advice is not to upgrade, certainly if you use Reloop gear that comes with Serato DJ.

Status: UNKNOWN.

Native Instruments

Strangely, no official statement on the compatibility of any Native Instruments gear with High Sierra to be found online. There is a thread on their forums discussing Traktor Pro, but this is not official and shouldn’t be taken as a confirmation that Traktor Pro works on High Sierra. Read the unofficial thread.

Status: UNKNOWN.


The only brand that seems to be fully on top of macOS High Sierra is InMusic. For most of the InMusic brands, the gear and software has been tested and made compatible, and clear information is available for their customers. This is how it should be done and an example to all the other DJ gear and software manufacturers.

Serato DJ is actually holding up a lot of DJ gear manufacturers, such as Denon DJ and Numark, since it’s useless to have a compatible DJ controller but the software that runs on it is not supported.

With the massive amount of controllers that support Serato DJ, and users paying for those licenses, Serato DJ should find a way to be more confident when it comes to supporting big OS updates such as macos High Sierra. After all, there is enough opporunity to test Beta releases and gain enough confidence to at least support a new OS upon release day.

But that’s all easy to say, and much less easy to do. Still, if InMusic can pull it off, there is no reason that others, and certainly the bigger players, couldn’t be ready as well.

What are your thoughts? Are your frustrated you cannot upgrade your Mac due to incompatible DJ software/hardware? Let us know!