From the Serato DJ blog:

Performing and recording mixtapes in your favorite DJ application is just part of the process. If you want to stand out these days, you need to excel in all the aspects of what defines a good mixtape, and good sood quality is a crucial one. If you mix with tracks from various sources, such as Beatport, iTunes store and why not ripped CDs, the sound color of these tracks and their loudness can vary significantly. That’s were mastering comes in. Mastering will make your mix sound more coherent, adequately loud and balanced.

Because not all DJs are also producers or amateur sound engineers, services like Landr are really useful as they take the pain away and deliver you a mastered mix without the effort of having to do it yourself.

Landr is now offering access for a limited time to Serato users to try out the service for free, you can download their DJ app here.

I haven’t tried the service myself, but I will soon so expect a report in the coming weeks on on my experience and the results.