This is my third year at Musikmesse, and it took me 2 minutes to go through the DJ offering this year. Not even exaggerating. It’s weird and a bit surreal, but it seems that DJ gear manufacturers have decided to skip this one entirely, with the exception of what is called DJCon and is really a few displays of nothing new in a hallway.

We all know the drill, the Internet and Youtube are killing trade fairs since everyone sees new product releases online, but does it really have to come to the point the presence of DJ manufacturers is reduced to almost nothing for something as a big as Musikmesse? There is a difference between checking out product releases online and actually being able to see it in action for real and interact with it.

So what is there on display? Not much. The most exciting thing is the Denon DJ Prime series display, and apart from that, nothing new. I still made a short video to give you an impression of what can be seen, check it out below.

This might be my final trip to Musikmesse unless something drastic happens and somehow the manufacturers start investing in it again.