By now you heard that the DJ part of Musikmesse 2017 (DJCon) was a very disappointing event. Weird format, almost no gear, not to speak of anything newsworthy. The only manufacturer that made a significant effort was Denon DJ, with DJ Olde’s never ending enthusiasm injecting some fun in an otherwise boring affair.

Phill from Digitaldjtips rightly criticized DJCon (sexy girls handing out magazines,  an elixir to attract women, really?) for their odd choices, and hopefully, the organization will hear this and come up with something better for next year.

As far as my own involvement goes, I will focus my budget, time and energy towards events such as Dancefair, BPM, ADE and so on from now on, and limit trade shows to one that still seems to count: Namm. So expect a lot of on-site reporting for everything that will come during/after the summer!

So to close my reporting from Musikmesse 2017, here a few pictures I snapped during my walks across the halls, and specifically DJCon. Hopefully, you will enjoy them and ease a bit the pain caused by the total absence of new goodies to drool over….

Musikmesse 2017 in pictures