As reported earlier, Gemini has launched their first Ableton Live controller, and it is a bit different than the rest.

Craig, product manager at Gemini, explains what the approach was for this one and also, why it is so massive!

Just as a reminder, the specs:

Key Features

  • Unique performance stand angles the MAS-1 towards the user for better visibility
  • Built-in low latency high-performance 4 channel audio interface with balanced outputs
  • 4 channel mixer section, with full EQ and 100mm channel faders
  • 45mm crossfader for fast, DJ-style transitions
  • Full clip control, with scene and clip launching and RGB illumination
  • Color-coded knobs for easy identification of each function
  • Adjustable device control section allows for control of individual components
  • BPM control through bend buttons, tap BPM, or direct input via knob.
  • Encoders with LED rings for adaptive software feedback
  • Full looping control including in, out, and active buttons and loop length knob

Introduction Video

My Take

Again, you have to excuse my ignorance in this domain. But even being an Ableton newbie, I kind of get where Gemini is going with this. Make a solution that looks a bit like a DJ controller so that DJ’s that are not familiar with Ableton Live can ease into it with less of a learning curve.

And making it huge so there is enough room to play around with the knobs & buttons, yes that does make sense to me, but it does sacrifice portability. This is definitely not the type of controller you slide in your backpack like, for example,  the Novation Launchpad.

Does that matter? Depends on what you want to do with it. If it will be mostly sitting at home or if you don’t mind to carry it around from gig to gig, that’s fine. But if portability is a key criterium, then probably the MAS-1 is not for you.

The price is USD 299, and that is a steal, considering you get a controller with a solid, metal construction. Available in Q2 this year.