I was hoping for Gemini to come through and finally present the Gemini SDJ-2000 at Namm 2017, but they have done better and created the Gemini SDJ-4000 instead.

With thanks to DJWORX, we have now a first look at the new unit and it does look rather interesting.

First of all, the original SDJ-2000 looked like a cross between an XDJ-RX and basically any 4 channel Serato DJ controller out there:

Gemini SDJ-2000
Gemini SDJ-2000

Although it looked generic, the idea of having 4 channels, a big central screen and standalone capability kind of appealed to me, and I guess to many other DJ’s. The weak point here, as with any standalone unit, is the preparation software. I have only tried Vcase very briefly and in my opinion, it needs quite a bit of work still in order to be in the same league as the competition…


Gemini SDJ-4000
Gemini SDJ-4000

The SDJ-4000 looks completely different. The picture quality is not very high (I searched, but the only one available is the one in the DJWORX article), so final judgment on the looks will be passed as I see the unit in the flesh on the Namm floor tomorrow or Thursday.


  • Totally embedded solution – no computer required
  • Connect up to 2 USB drives, or use Ethernet Link to connect to one of our other media players
  • Two microphone inputs with independent mixing and EQ control
  • High resolution 6” platters with touch sensing for accurate DJ performance
  • 100mm high-resolution pitch faders for precise track BPM adjustment
  • 45mm Mini-Innofader crossfader with adjustable curve
  • 16 Silicon rubber performance pads with RGB LED lighting
  • Channel effects for fast, hands-on sound manipulation
  • Multiple master effects with selectable routing
  • 4 channel mixer section to allow connection of multiple analog sources

The good

Clearly, Gemini wanted to step away from the generic Pioneer DJ/Serato DJ look and re-thought the SDJ-2000 from scratch. The central screen looks sharp and crispy, and the fact it’s integrated into the slightly tilted top panel gives it a Pro audio gear look. There is a good use of space with enough blanks to allow easy operation, The effects can be used even with external media sources (a big plus) and you can sync external Gemini media players to uses one and the same media library.

The less good

I’m going to be very careful here because drawing conclusions from a low-quality image is a dangerous thing, but the SDJ-4000 looks of lesser build and finishing quality than the SDJ-2000. While the SDJ-2000 had this sleek brushed faceplate, the SDJ-4000 looks, at least in this image, more like a big grey plastic box with all the buttons & knobs slapped on it. I reserve final judgment for when I see the SDJ-4000 in the flesh.

See you at the Gemini booth at Namm 2017!