Besides the other cool new goodies such as Mixars’ first DJ controller (Mixars Primo) and the fantastic looking new mixer Quattro, Mixars has also unveiled the Mixars Uno, a 2 channel battle mixer.

Video Introduction

Key Features

  • 2 channel Mixer with 7 inputs
  • Booth Output with independent Volume
  • XLR Master Output
  • Channel Reverse and Curve adjustment
  • 2 Auxiliary Input
  • Combo Jack Mic input with dedicated EQ and dedicated volume control
  • Crossfader with reverse switch and curve adjustment
  • curve adjustment and reverse on all faders
  • Hi/low pass filter on each channel
  • full digital processing for clear sound quality
  • Monitoring mode Cue-Master
  • RCA AUX Input and Mini-jack Aux Input on the Top Panel
  • Dual headphones outputs (1/4″ and mini-jack)
  • Phono/line input on each channel
  • AUX-IN with dedicated volume control
  • Level meter for each channel

My Take

This is a nice little battle mixer. Besides the extensive ins & outs on the backplate (there is an XLR out, RCA out, RCA booth out and RCA record out, phono and line in for both channels, and an RCA and MIC input) there is also a mini-jack input on the front which is handy to have for those DJ’s that like to use a phone or iPod as a backup music source..

Mixars Uno back
Mixars Uno back

No word on the price yet, but I guess it will be more than reasonable considering the feature set. Oh yes, it’s not mentioned in the video, but the crossfader is the new Galileo Kallisto crossfader and it should hold up well against the traditional InnoFADER faders usually fitted in this type of mixer.


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