• Price: integrated into the SC5000 as of the latest release, venues pay monthly fees (see prices below)
  • Manufacturer: Denon DJ/BLCKBOOK
  • More InfoProduct page for Timecode
  • Availability: now


Denon DJ is integrating the TimeCode technology from Dutch manufacturer BLCKBOOK into the SC5000 Prime media player, using their StagelinQ protocol. This protocol was introduced back in 2016 with the arrival of the MCX8000 and is now used in their Prime series. For now, no word if the MCX8000 is compatible as well.

This allows for venues to get a visual idea of what the DJ is doing and plans to do next and thus can make light shows more engaging and effective. TimeCode is already used by Denon DJ’s competitors, namely Pioneer DJ and their professional setups.  In Denon DJ’s plan to dominate the DJ Booth, having a professional light syncing solution is key

The Timecode software itself comes in different flavors:

  • Timecode View: intended for small to medium-sized clubs where the DJ, VJ, and LD want to have a visual reference of the artist activity in the DJ booth
  • Timecode Sync: for bigger clubs and DJs who, on top of visual booth activity, need to sync their visuals, lights, and other show elements through timecode and Ableton link.
  • Timecode Live: for the largest touring parties, festival venues, and artists that offers all of the above plus extra synchronization options such as MIDI, OSC timecode, remote player control, multiple views, local intro player and much more

Key Features

Timecode View

  • Plug & play
  • View live track info
  • Hi-res waveforms
  • BPM & pitch
  • Time
  • Mixer faders
  • For Windows & macOS

Timecode Sync

  • Timecode View +
  • Save set history
  • Export & import playlist
  • 10 channel audio routing
  • SMPTE LTC 25 & 30 FPS
  • 1 SMPTE timecode out
  • Ableton Link™

Timecode Live

  • Timecode Sync +
  • Remote player start/stop
  • 6 channels audio dubbing per player
  • OSC timecode
  • Remote view (mobile & desktop)
  • Local player with SMPTE & audio dubbing

Pricing and Availability

  • Timecode View: USD 24.99 a month.
  • Timecode Sync: USD 59.99 a month
  • Timecode Live: price on request