• Price: SC6000 Prime USD 1499, SC6000M Prime USD 1699, X1850 Prime USD 1099
  • Manufacturer: Denon DJ
  • More information: SC6000, SC6000M, X1850 
  • Availability: Q2 2020

Denon DJ launched its new Prime lineup just in time for Namm 2016. Meet the brand new Denon DJ SC6000 Prime, SC6000M Prime, and X1850 Prime mixer.

Denon DJ Prime 2020 lineup
Denon DJ Prime 2020 lineup

While the mixer seems to be more of an incremental refresh than a completely new mixer (I will go deeper into the features in a separate article), the two new players are a real change from the first generation SC5000 and SC5000M.

Both players feature 10.1-inch touch screens with gesture control, larger jog wheels, an SSD bay (like the Prime 4) to mass store tracks and data, redesigned performance pads and several other technical improvements. (see details below in Key Features).

So how does this release change the competitive playing field? Quite a bit actually. It means that Denon DJ is happy enough with the financial results of the first Prime generation to launch a second one. It also means the main competitor Pioneer DJ is now technically two generations behind, and the industry pressure to launch a successor for the CDJ-2000NXS2 mounts considerably. Pioneer DJ is still the industry standard, but Denon DJ is firing serious shots and the industry is starting to believe that Denon DJ is definitely here to stay and to grow their market share in the pro DJ scene, just as the god old days.

Key Features

SC6000 PRIME Key Features

  • Flagship standalone professional DJ media player powered by Engine OS
  • HD 10.1″ touchscreen for excellence in visual and interactive UI
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity for music streaming
  • Responsive rubber buttons and performance pads with sophisticated design illumination
  • Built-in internal HDD drive bay to store music onboard
  • 8.5” jog wheel with large surface area for platter manipulation
  • Locking IEC connector for secured power cable
  • Best-in-class time stretch and musical key change/sync algorithms
  • Standalone Track Preview
  • Serato DJ Pro controller mode **
  • Internal, on-board analysis of music files (including Rekordbox™ collections)
  • Dual-layer playback with independent analog/digital outs
  • StagelinQ connection for Event/Pro DJ lighting and video control
  • Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)

SC6000M PRIME adds

  • 8.5” motorized-platter with torque adjustment
  • New vinyl design with quick-release lock
  • Motor spin on/off control

X1850 PRIME Key Features

  • 4-Channel, multi-assignable input, Pro DJ Club Mixer
  • 24-bit/96kHz digital output for uncompromised audio quality
  • 16 pro-level BPM FX with new FX Quantize control
  • ‘MIDI Start with Clock’ feature for syncing external instruments
  • Defined visibility, expressive 3-band EQ section
  • Rugged, smooth channel line faders
  • Channel dedicated Sweep FX and Filter
  • Crisp, OLED screen for FX editing and preference adjustments
  • Tension adjustable, Denon DJ ‘flex-fader’ Crossfader
  • Dual-USB audio connections for software and audio devices.
  • Serato DJ Pro upgrade ready **
  • (2) dedicated XLR mic inputs with EQ/Level/talkover
  • 5-Port LAN Hub for network & StagelinQ Event lighting/video connectivity
  • Locking IEC connector for secured power cable

Pricing and Availability

SC6000 Prime USD 1499, SC6000M Prime USD 1699, X1850 Prime USD 1099