As you probably know by now the new MacBook Pro that was announced yesterday contains a Touch Bar that allows interaction with applications in much the same way as a DJ controllers touch strip.

I already ventilated my frustration with the lack of USB-A ports, but don’t let that trouble your mind, because the Touch Bar will make up for that. Or will it?

During the press event yesterday Karim Morsy, CEO of Algoriddim demonstrated a few usages of the Touch Bar in Algoriddims djay Pro. So yes you can launch samples, manipulate the waveform, launch effects… But frankly, it feels forced. If you are going to use djay Pro without a controller, then use it on an iPad (Pro), at least you interact directly with the software through the touchscreen.

The Verge gathered a series of situations in which the Touch Bar might be useful to DJs, a few examples:

  • When you’re at an airport during an extended flight delay
  • When you’re stuck in an elevator for a few hours
  • When you’re stuck in a really long drive thru line
  • When you’re waiting in line to vote on November 8th

Read the rest of the funny list here.

But seriously, how could this be useful to DJs? I don’t think the real use case is for performance, rather for track preparation.

Rekordbox track prep
Rekordbox track prep

Imagine the Touch Bar displaying useful parts of Rekordbox while you are prepping your tracks, such as cue points, ratings, labeling.. That could be very useful and speed up the process of preparing your tracks. It could look something like this (setting loops and navigating the waveform as an example):

MacBook Pro track prep on Touch Bar
MacBook Pro track prep on Touch Bar

Now that could be cool if implemented smartly. I don’t enjoy analyzing and prepping tracks, so anything that could make it easier would be welcome.

Who knows, it could maybe help me forget that they killed the traditional USB port 🙂

What are your thoughts on the Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro and how could it be put to good DJ use in your opinion? Comment below!