The Numark Party Mix DJ controller is a basic but actually very usable DJ controller and judging by the great sales figures (the Party Mix has been sitting comfortably on the number 2 spot in Amazon’s best sellers for a long while now), buyers agree.

Numark Party Mix
Numark Party Mix

Now the Party Mix can be used with Serato DJ Lite, and that is very good news for those thinking of buying one or those that already own one. Previously, the Party Mix was already compatible with Virtual DJ LE, and adding Serato DJ Lite to the mix is a smart move. Not that Virtual DJ isn’t any good, far from it. But Serato DJ Lite is not only good on itself as a DJ software package, it also offers a nice upgrade path to Serato DJ Pro and a better DJ controller for those DJ’s that want to move up.

The Party Mix is, despite its basic nature, a well-featured DJ controller. There are the obvious disco lights that might not be everyone’s taste, but besides that, the controller has 4 performance pads per deck that can be switched between 4 functions, decent jogs, a pitch fader per channel and a mixer with a two-band EQ and gain knob per channel.

That is not bad for a controller that costs under USD 100, and while simple, it does mimic the look, feel and workflow of much more expensive gear. This is key for DJ’s that want to progress and move on to better DJ controllers, as they will find that the workflow will be very similar.

Key Features

  • Built-in light show creates a party atmosphere
  • Simple plug and play
  • Audio outputs for your speakers and headphone preview
  • Virtual DJ LE software included, compatible with Serato DJ Lite
  • Cool effects and multiple pad modes with looping and sampling
  • Sync buttons for easy mixing control
  • 1/8-inch headphone jack to preview for cueing

Pricing and Availability

Available now for USD 99.