Numark Scratch
Numark Scratch

Numark has just released the Scratch, a two channels DVS mixer for Serato DJ Pro. It has built-in controls for Serato DJ effects, 4 performance pads per channel for loop, roll, and cues, Master XLR/RCA output, RCA booth output, Innofader fader… In all, a very, very complete package for the price of USD 499.

And that’s definitely a competitive price. If you want comparable features, your options are the Rane 72 that costs USD 1800, the Pioneer DJ DJM-S9 for USD 1699 or the Reloop Elite for USD 1249. So that’s more than double the price, at least.

One of the drawbacks I noticed is that there is no dedicated browse/load section, but the shift button combined with the loop encoder does the trick. Again, for the price, it’s hardly a drawback, to be honest.

The mixer looks very, very solid, designed for road (ab)use. On the back, the mixers support line and phono input in case you want to hook up the Scratch to CDJ’s.

Also worth mentioning is that in the box you also get a Serato DJ Pro DVS license, which makes the price point even more amazing.

Overall, this is a very interesting addition from Numark and a should make battle DJ’s on a budget really happy. My feeling is that quality battle mixers have been overpriced and this release could set a trend for very well equipped battle mixers that are competitively priced as well.

Expect a full review soon!

Key Features

  • Serato DJ Pro with DVS License Included
  • Ready to Connect Timecoded Records or Deck Controllers*
  • Innofader Scratch Crossfader with Reverse and Slope Control
  • 6 Quick Launch Effect Triggers with Dual Paddles and Dry/Wet FX Control
  • 4 Performance Pads Per Deck to Access Cues, Rolls and Samples
  • Filter Knobs to Create Audio Sweeps
  • Dedicated Instant Looping Knobs
  • Combo Mic Input (XLR/¼-inch) with Tone Control
  • Dual Headphone Output Cueing System (¼-inch/1/8-inch)
  • 24-bit Digital Sound Quality
  • *Serato Control Vinyl/CD available separate

Pricing and Availability

USD 499, available now!