Pioneer DJ just launched the DDJ-1000SRT, the Serato DJ Pro version of the hugely popular DDJ-1000 DJ controller for Rekordbox DJ.

I absolutely loved the DDJ-1000, it currently owns the top spot in my “Best DJ controller for club use” guide. The only limitation it had for me was the exclusive compatibility with Rekordbox DJ, since many club and mobile DJ’s (especially in the VS) are avid users of Serato DJ Pro and wouldn’t switch software just for the sake of using the DDJ-1000.

Pioneer DJ must have felt the same, as the DDJ-1000SRT is exclusively built for Serato DJ Pro, and works in (almost) exact same way as the DDJ-1000.

The only difference I could see so far between the two is the amount of information displayed on the jog wheel LCD screen. While the DDJ-1000 shows almost everything there is to show on the screens, including waveforms and track artwork, the DDJ-1000SRT seems to limit the information to what is shown within the Serato DJ Pro on-screen platter.  It might be a limitation of the amount of integration the DDJ-1000SRT is allowed to have with Serato DJ Pro, or a way for Pioneer DJ to position the DDJ-1000 + Rekordbox DJ combination as superior to the DDJ-1000SRT + Serato DJ Pro combination, I don’t know.

But it’s a small drawback considering all the positives of the DDJ-1000SRT: full-sized mechanical jog wheels, a club-style 4 channel hardware mixer with sound color effects and beat effects that work in standalone mode, DVS support, a professional array of inputs and outputs… This controller is surely going to attract the attention of the professional Serato Dj’s, and considering the number of features, the requested price of USD 1300 is acceptable.

Key Features

  • FULL-SIZE JOG WHEELS AND MAGVEL FADER: Mix and scratch your tracks with freedom. The jog wheels taken from the CDJ-2000NXS2 look and feel familiar, and you can customize the way they react to your touch with Jog Adjust. The MAGVEL FADER is highly durable for more than 10 million movements*1 and responds to every deft movement you make, so intricate performances feel effortless.
  • PORTABLE DJ CONTROLLER WITH CLUB-STYLE LAYOUT: The DDJ-1000SRT is the ideal piece to take on the road. You’ll feel at home using all its feature controls, which are arranged in the same layout as those on our club-standard NXS2 set-up.
  • COLOR ON JOG DISPLAY: Focus on your performance and keep your eyes off your laptop. A full-color, high-definition LCD screen in the center of each jog wheel gives you all the information you need such as playback time, BPM, and playback position. And the color scheme is the same as Serato DJ Pro’s, creating a more intuitive experience.
  • PROFESSIONAL FX: Show your flair and spice up your sets with the four popular Sound Color FX from our DJM series mixers. You’ve got 14 Beat FX to get creative with too, and you can instantly reference BPM and the name of the selected FX thanks to the dedicated Beat FX display.
  • STAND-ALONE DJ MIXER WITH MULTIPLE INPUTS AND OUTPUTS: Switch between DJs seamlessly thanks to the two USB ports for PC/Mac and connect your external equipment to the four inputs. Plug in DJ players and analog turntables, plus two Mics. You can also use the DDJ-1000SRT as a stand-alone DJ mixer without connecting a PC/Mac.

Pricing and Availability

USD 1299, available mid-August.