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The Pioneer DJ DJM-S5 has been recently released. This new battle mixer for Serato DJ Pro sits between the DJM-S3 and the DJM-S7 and inherits many of the DJM-S7’s pro features.

The most distinctive features are the effect levers to trigger Serato DJ effects and the 4 performance pads per channel. These pads aren’t the same as on the more expensive mixers (they are clickable instead of velocity responsive) but for the price, that’s acceptable.

On the back, the mixer has a booth output and an aux input, and the overall build quality seems to be quite solid.

Key Features

  • 2-channel DJ mixer designed for use with Serato DJ Pro
  • Pair of large effect levers with hold and lock positions offer control over 57 different effects in Serato DJ Pro
  • 4 performance pads on each channel with 13 unique pad modes for triggering samples on the fly
  • Magvel Fader Pro offers silky-smooth fades and clean cuts with Feeling Adjust to dial in perfect weight and resistance
  • Scratch Cutter effect emulates scratch technique by applying a cutting effect in perfect time with music; 6 different scratch patterns to choose from
  • Crossfader Hot Cue creates scratch-like sounds with a sample or track without moving the deck
  • Powered over USB for a true plug-and-play experience

Pricing and Availability

Now, for USD 799