If you just bought a Pioneer DJ DDJ-SP1, you might regret your decision since Pioneer DJ just took it to the next level with the DDJ-XP1, a 16 pad per deck controller for Rekordbox DJ optimized for Rekordbox DJ 5.0.

The DDJ-XP1 is really a dream companion for any DJ using Rekordbox DJ in combination with turntables and/or media players since it offers complete control over Rekordbox DJ’s extensive performance features.

It has all the features you would expect such as access to hot cues (16 per deck!), the Rekordbox DJ Pad FX, samples, beat jump and so on. There is also a touch strip per deck that allows to control up to 2 slide FX per deck. And of course, you can browse and launch your Rekordbox DJ prepared tracks.

All of this will set you back USD 259, which is very reasonable for the number of features you get. The only thing really missing, in my opinion, is a pair of screens to avoid looking over at the computer screen all the time. With the Numark Dashboard for Serato DJ on the market for a while now, Pioneer DJ should really start releasing more controllers with built-in screens.

Key Features

Key shift
Automatically change the key of your next track to match the master deck and shift keys up or down to mix any combination of tracks in perfect harmony.

The keyboard lets you improvise with sounds and create musical phrases similar to synths or other instruments. Select a Hot Cue or create a new one, then trigger it in different semitones using the pads.

Pad editor
Customise the arrangement of your 32 performance pads by assigning your favorite pad modes and features to each pad.

Silent cue
Avoid the music speeding up as your turntable starts to revolve by switching on Silent Cue. The music will restart instantly at the correct BPM when you press play on a stopped deck.

Pricing and Availability

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-XP1 will be available this September for USD 259.