Pioneer DJ just released the new version of Rekordbox, Rekordbox 5.0. We covered the beta version a while ago and were impressed with the new look, but now we also learned the new version comes with a new core engine that should increase the software’s reliability and overall stability.

The new engine is called Koretech, and it optimized the audio, video, and graphics processing engine.

Rekordbox 5.0 Koretech
Rekordbox 5.0 Koretech

It’s always good to see this kind of stuff in the marketing push because it usually means that a lot of attention was given to optimizing the software’s performance.  Rekordbox 4.0 and especially Rekordbox DJ 4.X suffered from stability issues, due to high resource use (at least that was always my impression). This was one of our key reasons to, at least for now, place it beneath Serato DJ, but that could definitely change with this new version.

Rekordbox DJ, the performance module of Rekordbox, includes now two new performance modes: Keyboard and Key ShiftKeyboard lets you pitch hot cues up and down and play them like on a piano, and Key Shift lets you shift around the key of a track on the fly. These features were already present in Serato Dj for a while so it makes sense that Pioneer DJ introduces them here.

Finally, if you pay attention to the video below, you will see the XDJ-RX MK2 teased…

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX MK2 teased officially
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX MK2 teased officially

Does look pretty close to our mock-up from a few weeks ago!

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX MK2 updated rendition
Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX MK2 updated rendition

Key Features

Powered by the Koretech next-generation engine with new functions and significantly improved performance over ver 4.0.

Improved core for light and stable performance

Perform intuitively thanks to faster track loading and scrolling speed when browsing, and highly responsive DJ performance features. The new optimised program brings enhanced stability with the same outstanding audio quality.

Advanced and accurate track analysis

Track analysis is even more powerful than before thanks to the improved algorithm that analyses the characteristics of tracks.

Improved USB/SD export features

As well as playing tracks on multi-players, you can connect your USB device or SD card to a friend’s computer and use your own Rekordbox library, thanks to the advanced export feature. If you lose your computer or it gets damaged, you can restore your library at a later time using your USB device or SD card containing your exported data.

New GUI for easy use

Instantly grasp various different elements of track information, including playing statuses, thanks to the simplified GUI. Key information is grouped together to ensure clear visibility and make it easier to visually navigate.

Pricing and Availability

Available now, free to download.