• Price: USD 7.90/month (std plan), USD 15.90/month (premium plan)
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ
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  • Availability: now!


Pioneer DJ has just launched Rekordbox Lyric, a feature in Rekordbox DJ that allows to add lyrics to your tracks in Rekordbox and display them while you are playing.

The way it works is that the lyrics are downloaded to your library and matched up using the tracks analysis data in Rekordbox. Graphics are added to the lyrics depending on the mood of the track (I assume this is made possible because of the new phrase algorithm introduced in Rekordbox 5.1) and the result can be displayed on a connected screen or a projector.

Rekordbox Lyric is compatible with Rekordbox Video as well, allowing to combine both video mixes and lyric tracks.

Contrary to Rekordbox’s Lighting mode announced today as well, Rekordbox Lyric doesn’t have any competition on the market, except from makers of Karaoke software and hardware. Should this new feature be seen as an alternative to a Karaoke machine? I don’t think Pioneer DJ sees is this way. The idea is to add an extra layer to a DJ’s performance and give the audience one more reason to engage with it. In the end, we will have to see if it takes on!

Key Features

  • LYRIC VISUALISATION IN SYNC WITH TRACKS: Thanks to COTODAMA’s Lyric Sync Technology, the lyrics of the tracks you play are sent via your laptop’s video output (HDMI, etc.) to a connected screen or projector. Just play music that’s been pre-analysed by rekordbox and smooth, dynamic motion graphics based on the track’s mood and structure will appear when rekordbox lyric is enabled. You can perform with your tracks normally (for example, adding FX) and the visualised lyrics will appear automatically.
  • CUSTOMISABLE VISUALISED LYRICS: You can change the tone and type of motion graphics generated by rekordbox lyric. And, with the flexibility to customise font colour and transparency of the background individually, you can create visuals on the fly to match the crowd’s vibe.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH REKORDBOX VIDEO: Use rekordbox video with rekordbox lyric to apply its Transition FX to visualised lyrics and to layer lyrics over videos and images. By combining various elements using both Plus Packs, you can create unique visual performances to accompany your DJ sets.

Pricing and Availability

Lyric Plan (€7.90 including VAT per month): If you already own a rekordbox dj licence, you can subscribe to this plan to use rekordbox lyric.
Premium Plan (€15.90 including VAT per month): In addition to rekordbox lyric, you’ll get unlimited access to all the features and functions of rekordbox dj, rekordbox dvs, rekordbox video and RMX Effects.