Pioneer DJ has launched an upgrade to the original DDJ-SR Serato DJ controller, the DDJ-SR2.

While the entire Serato DDJ range was renewed over the last few years (we had the DDJ-SB2, the DDJ-SX2, and the DDJ-SZ2), the DDJ-SR remained unrevised. It’s good to see that Pioneer DJ has not abandoned their Serato DJ line of controllers as with the release of the SR2, the entire line has now been upgraded.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR, the original edition.

The SR has always been one of my favorite Serato DJ controllers, due to its excellent build quality and extensive features in a compact form factor. Maybe because of its remaining popularity, Pioneer DJ put this upgrade off for such a long time.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2

The SR2 brings some fresh updates to the table, looking very similar to its Rekordbox DJ counterpart, the DDJ-RR. It features RGB backlit performance pads, a hardware mixer compatible with Serato DVS, support for harmonic mixing and Serato Pitch Play, a touch strip, and a lot more.

Note that the deck switching buttons on the SR are gone on the SR2, as the deck switching happens on the mixer using the channel switcher.  Unfortunately, the loop size indicator feature is also gone, which to me was one of the brilliant things on the SR. Too bad!

Key Features

Dedicated hardware controls for Serato pitch ‘n time DJ

  • Key Shift: Change the key of tracks by semitone without changing the tempo.
  • Key Sync: Automatically sync the keys of different tracks during mixes.
  • Key Reset: Instantly reset to the track’s original key after changing keys.

Feature set mirrors professional set-up

  • Multicoloured Performance Pads: Use the large, multicolored tactile Performance Pads to trigger Hot Cues, Roll, and Sampler. Hit the pads and watch their colors change as they indicate the selected pad mode and playing status.
  • Needle Search Pad: Instantly jump to a specific part of a track with a simple touch of the pad.
  • Dual Level Meter: See the master out and channel levels at all times.

Easy to use wherever you go

  • Lightweight and portable: The DDJ-SR2 is approximately 18 percent lighter than the DDJ-SR.
  • Mains or USB power: Choose your preferred source.

Other features

  • Audio mixer feature: When you’re using the DDJ-SR2 to control music stored on your PC/Mac via Serato DJ, you can also use trims, channel faders and EQs to control audio from external equipment such as turntables and media players. Even when the controller isn’t connected to a computer, the trims and channel faders can be used for audio input from external sources.
  • Professional XLR outputs: A professional XLR master output, a TRS booth output, and secondary master output give you the freedom to connect the controller to various kinds of PA equipment with ease.

Pricing and Availability

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 will be available from September 2017.