Pioneer DJ has put out a new version of their immensely popular DDJ-SX2 controller, the Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3. This time, it comes with 4 integrated Sound Color effects, much like the DDJ-RX, 3 microphone inputs, and dual USB’s, making the DDJ-SX3 a considerable improvement over the SX2.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3 top view
The new Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3, viewed from the top, I like the dual tone color scheme!

Tackling the likes of the Denon DJ MC7000 and possibly also the Numark NS6II, the DDJ-SX3 fixes, in my view, the few shortcomings of the already great SX2.

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX2 top view
The Pioneer DDJ-SX2

One of the coolest changes is not marketed by Pioneer DJ as a new feature, but I still consider it a huge improvement over the SX2: the source switches for each channel are no longer located on the front of the controller but moved to the top of each channel. To make room for this, the FX channel assign buttons switched to the decks. This is so much better as switching sources on the DDJ-SX2 and the original SX was a bit of a pain, especially if you were using a flight case.

The addition of Sound Color FX (Echo, Jet, Noise, Filter) is also quite interesting as it further improves the usability of the SX3’s independent hardware mixer when using external sound sources.

The double USB feature is quickly becoming a standard in the mid-level controller market, and it’s a really handy feature for smooth DJ handovers, but also as a way for mobile DJ’s to have a backup laptop connected to the controller, ready to go in case of issues with the main laptop.

Finally, the SX3 has an additional microphone input on the front, besides the 2 other microphone inputs that run through channels 3 and 4. On first sight, having 3 mic inputs on a DJ controller can sound a bit as overkill. But on the DDJ-SX2, if you were using 4 channels in Serato DJ, then you couldn’t use the microphones, as they take up 1 channel each. With the SX3, there is always a way to use the mic. Good stuff!


The DDJ-SX3 comes with a license for Serato DJ Pro, and with the Pitch ‘n Time and Serato Flip expansion packs. If you want to use Serato DVS however, you need to pay extra.

Key Features

  • THREE MIC INPUTS, PLUS MIC FX: A dedicated Mic input and level control knob on the front panel of the DDJ-SX3 comes in addition to the popular twin Mic inputs inherited from the DDJ-SX2, which are found on the rear panel. You can control the level, EQ and low-cut filter, and add reverb and compressor to each – enabling you to tweak the sound to suit the venue and ensure clear speech and vocals. You can also enhance performances by applying Sound Color FX such as Echo, plus Serato DJ Pro FX, to the two Mics plugged into the rear panel.
  • DUAL USB PORTS: Connect two computers running Serato DJ Pro at the same time for seamless DJ transitions or back-to-back performances. Or connect a backup computer in case your laptop crashes.
  • SOUND COLOR FX: Add texture and unique sounds to your mixes using the popular Filter, Echo, Jet and Noise FX.
  • Jog wheels with reduced latency: Scratching feels natural on the jog wheels, which feature reduced latency compared to those on the DDJ-SX2. Get instant information about the current playback status and position from the illuminating On Jog Display for more precise performances
  • Clear design with quality look and feel: The DDJ-SX3 feels natural to use thanks to the clear visual division of the player and mixer sections, which feature high-quality black hairline aluminum and gunmetal grey finishes respectively.
  • ADVANCED KEY-RELATED FEATURES VIA PITCH ‘N TIME DJ (LICENCE INCLUDED): A voucher for Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ is included with the DDJ-SX3 so you can use Key Shift, Key Sync, Pitch Play and other advanced features to smoothly and harmonically mix tracks. Adjust the key of tracks by semitone with Key Shift, and sync the keys of tracks during mixes with Key Sync. Pitch Play lets you trigger your Hot Cues in a range of different keys and assign them to the controller’s Performance Pads so you can play them like a keyboard.

Pricing and Availability

The DDJ-SX3 will be available beginning June, for USD 999.